DP Daily Prompt: Interplannet Janet

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You get to design your own planet: tell us about your planet– the weather, the seasons,the inhabitants. Go.

It certainly is a great idea to design my own planet. It gives an opportunity to apply the knowledge gained from the misuse of our present planet, it  will help us not to make the same mistake of polluting the environment.

Experience tells us we have changed the seasons by our misuse of our planet. We know we must not repeat the same mistakes, so that our seasons are normal.

Storage of weapons of mass destruction will be disallowed, since  war brings misery,  the minds of the people  has to be changed.

Feeling  superior than others will be discouraged, everyone will be treated the same.  They  will draw the same salary regardless of their work.

Education will be free, the parents will be encouraged to guide their children, so that education will not be thought of as a waste of time.

Houses will be built according to the number of family members. Playtime will be strictly observed.

Religious freedom will be allowed regardless of the faith of the inhabitants.

The supermarkets will be encouraged to stock fresh produce, violators will be disciplined.

The inhabitants will be motivated to use public transportation to avoid polluting the environment by driving too many vehicles.

Health care will be provided with minimal cost. Hospitals will be clean, and the workers in them will be kind to the patients.




DP Daily Prompt: Plead the Fifth

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What question do you hate to be asked ? Why?

When I started teaching, I was asked many times, what is your grade certificate?

I will explain what this means when we apply for a teaching position in the province where I live, the department of education reviews our educational qualification and they give us a certificate on which they print the grade. This is essential, it helps  to know what someone’s salary ought to be on the basis of the grade certificate.

There was one particular teacher, who wanted to know what my salary was. The moment anyone finds out about the grade they instantly know what that person’s salary is.

She annoyed me a number of times, eventually she found out. Her mother was a secretary in the department of education!

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