Lucky: Flash Fiction

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Salim was a bright young man,he loved to study,he helped his classmates with their homework,whenever anyone needed help in anything Salim would volunteer.

His parents loved hearing everyone in the neighborhood praise their son so much, Salim did his job thinking it was his duty , he wasn’t interested in getting any remuneration.

He became quite famous by his good deeds, parents of girls in the community were interested to have him as their son-in-law, Salim was not interested to get married, he felt he had plenty of time to tie the knot,he gave little importance to marriage.

Salim’s parents were eager to get him married, they were anxious to have a grand kid, the parents without Salim’s permission selected a bride for him,according to them she was very pretty,educated and comes from a wealthy family, what more could anyone want, Salim gave in and was married within a month.

Salim’s wife’s personality was completely opposite to his,she was rude, uncooperative,she argued with him day in and day out,his friends and relatives felt terrible, they said among themselves, that a man like Salim should have been lucky, how could he have such a horrible wife?