Fiction: Open

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Emily was going out with her friend Sally to the supermarket to buy some food, her mother told her not to open her wallet in front of strangers, she said, “You never know who is watching.”

Okay mom she said, “I will remember, but please do not forget I am a grownup.”

The two friends were on their way to the market, as they were approaching their destination, a young man stopped them, “Miss can I have a  quarter to put in the meter I don’t have change, I do not want to get a ticket,”  he said.

Emily immediately opened her wallet to look for a quarter, her wallet was full of cash, the young man noticed it,  she gave him the coin and hurried to the market, the  man followed them, when they reached the corner he pushed Emily, who lost her balance and fell on the ground and her wallet went flying on the pavement, Sally came to her aid to make sure she did not hurt  herself.

Without wasting any time the man grabbed the wallet, looked at  both sides of the street and took off!


Writing Prompt: 180 degrees

I went for a walk with my friend,Sally, we always talk about world affairs a lot.Sally is a well read friend of mine she can talk about anything with confidence,I love this aspect of her character. Although she knows a lot but she is not condescending, this is the kind of friend I like. She’ll give you a chance to say your piece, if she disagrees, she’ll change the subject in such a way you won’t even notice. She’ll never knowingly hurt your feelings.

So as we were walking along, we noticed this winter is terribly harsh we could not remember a winter this bad. Sally was not saying much, I was the one babbling away,I asked Sally, “Is everything all right,you’re too quiet today?”

She turned around looked straight at me and said, “How can I say anything, when you keep talking, I don’t want to be rude,I therefore stay quiet.”

We had a heated argument and decided to part ways, both of us realized we must go our separate ways because things were not working out.

Days weeks and months passed we didn’t see each other, we hung out with a different group of girls.I was asked by some classmates about Sally, I pretended not to hear what they asked.

Our parents were concerned, they couldn’t understand why we were not friends anymore I gave a flimsy excuse rather than try to explain.

One bright Summer morning,everything looked beautiful, I thought I should take advantage of this day and go for a walk,I was walking along the street breathing the fresh air and thinking of things to do when I get home. My thoughts were interrupted by a loud call by my teacher,Mr. Baird,I was about to walk up to him and ask where had he been all this time,but Sally’s presence with him stunned me I lost my voice, I could not run towards him, he walked briskly to catch up with me.

“Hi Patricia ,how are you, look who I’ve got with me.”

I knew I didn’t want Mr. Baird to find out we were not friends anymore. I looked at Sally And said, “where were you Sally,I’ve been looking for you all over,remember we made plans to watch,Harry Potter,you never got back to me,if there is a problem maybe we’ll go next week?”

Sally was speechless for a few seconds, then she said,”Okay sure Pat we’d go next.”

Mr. Baird looked pleased that we were still friends, little did he know the truth behind my acting! degrees/