Daily Post Prompt: Sanctuary

In response to daily post one-word prompt : Sanctuary

Sometimes it can be tricky if one gives shelter to a stranger. This happened to us in Comilla( Bangladesh). My mother had a very soft heart whenever someone asked for help she’d give it to them without knowing the background of the person.

One evening a man came to our door asking for shelter, he said he didn’t have a place to go,and wanted to work and stay in our house, we the siblings were not sure he was all that innocent as he pretended to be, for starters he had a bag which contained expensive shirts, we were sure he’d stolen them. Mom refused to listen to us.

On a hot day one evening we sat outside in our verandah, we were hearing some strange noise in the other part of the house, we ignored it and we even said, “Hey you thief you better not steal anything in our house.”

We were laughing and repeating this every few minutes, i.e do not steal. Little did we know this was exactly what the thief was doing. After staying out for couple of hours, we went to bed.

Next morning our young servant from mom’s village told us, the man mom gave shelter to  had disappeared and stole a lot of things while we were joking around. There was no way to find his whereabouts, he didn’t tell us where he came from. We did notice he had a funny Bengali accent, which we told mom, she kept saying we were mean and to stop finding faults in this guy, who  we thought was a crook. It was a lesson we all learned, more so my pious mom who agreed she must not give shelter and a job to an unknown man.

It’s better to be safe than sorry!


DP Daily Prompt: Oasis

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A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, catch your breath and remember who you are . Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.

My sanctuary in right in my home, I do not have to go too far.  There are times I do feel I must forget about everyone and think about myself only, the best place for me is my bedroom, there is no one else there but me, I sit or lie on my bed and think about how I have fared in my life.

I was never interested in having too many material things, I enjoy looking at my album think about the times my friends and I spent time talking and discussing what we have enjoyed the most in our lives.

For me the best part was when I was a student at,Holy Cross College, there were thirty three of us in dormitories, I was with my classmates, there were five of us. I remember we were not allowed to sit on our beds, we were provided with small stools made of cane, it was not the most comfortable one to sit on, but we did fine.

Every morning the bell rang for us to go for breakfast, as soon as we came down the stairs, Sister Joseph Mary would go upstairs to make sure we made our beds, of course we did not disappoint her.

Then there was Sister Augustine Marie the Principal, she’d watch us as she went along the path to her office, one thing that bothered her was if she found us chatting, not studying, she’d call us to her office and reminded us why we were there.

Despite all that, we managed to sing, and voted who was the best. Salma was the best, she had a tutor who came once or twice a week to teach her some popular songs.

The atmosphere in the hostel made us feel we were one big family, every now and then we had a few  who loved to talk behind our back, they were few and we ignored them.

Now when I think of those times I wonder about my classmates and others, how they are and what keeps them busy.

I was always quiet and lived in my own little world, I enjoyed singing songs I learned in school. Occasionally I’d hear my mother calling me to help her thread the needle, or look after my youngest brother.

Now they are memories which makes me sad that I’m no longer with them. I do thank God that I had an enjoyable life growing up, sure we had fights with each other, but at the end of the day we loved each other!

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