DP Daily Prompt: Let’s Dance

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My earliest and fondest memory of dance was in a movie I watched when I was barely eleven. It was a classical Indian dance. The dancer was wearing a beautiful silk sari. It had to be worn in a way to avoid getting in the way of the delicate steps she took while dancing. I’ve heard it takes a long time to perfect this art. I love how elegant the dancers look.

After that I have watched ballroom dancing which is pretty artistic.

Lately I watch figure skating when there is a competition. I am  amazed how elegantly they glide on ice.


DP Daily Prompt: New Sensation

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I am completely overwhelmed by all the choices in front of me. I have seen all of them, but I never tried any of them. It is not because I am some extraordinary person and wouldn’t care about what was fashionable.

I grew up  away from all types of fashions that existed around the world. We had two kinds of dresses. One was called Shalwar Kamiz; the other one was Sari.

Our population were not behind as far as the word fashion goes. So this is how they changed the same dresses in  different ways. Let me write about Shalwar Kamiz;  Shalwar I would say resembles slightly like trousers or pants. This is how the style changes in a shalwar, they (tailors) widen or make the bottom narrow;   Kamiz which is almost like a shirt; is sometimes reaching your ankle and then it goes slightly below the knee or even above the knee. They used to leave the sleeves of the shirt by keeping it down to the wrist; now it is sleeveless or short sleeve.

The next is Sari: they tried to wear the sari below the knee,it didn’t pan out well because it looked ridiculous and spoiled the look of this graceful dress. So they’ve left  alone the length. Instead they fiddle with the blouse. The blouse nowadays are so short it makes no sense to wear them. The blouse sleeves are short ,long,or three quarters. The neck line is too wide which I think does not look that great. This is all about fashion .Next is how do I deal with it.

When I went to Dhaka , I took some fabric with me to get some blouses made. I had a terrible experience,I showed what I wanted, the tailor who was interested in how much material he could steal made the blouses short and ugly. I thought our tailors stitched beautiful blouses, not anymore they’re too busy stealing as much as they can.

This is all I know about fashion in Dhaka!   Pictures from wikipedia


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The storm that almost blew me away

Image of Severe Tropical Cyclone Ingrid (22P) ...

Image of Severe Tropical Cyclone Ingrid (22P) on 8 March 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was an afternoon, my classmate and I had just finished classes. We came out of the classroom and saw a lot of students waiting in the verandah. I couldn’t understand why they were not going home or hostel,whichever it was. I managed to get myself out to see what was happening. To my dismay I saw the weather was looking very bad,there were howling winds,trees were uprooted. Everything outside other than the weather had come to a standstill. No one was daring to go out.

I don’t know why I told my classmate, ‘Let’s go.’

‘In this weather she screamed?’

I looked at her as if she had two heads on her shoulders, I said, ‘Yes we have no choice.’

Amidst all the noise the students were making against our decision,we stepped down the stairs,determined to walk to our residence.

We could hear cries of students,’Come back it’s a cyclone, it’s dangerous.’

We moved on thinking we’d make it. We tried to walk but the strong wind made it difficult. The clothes we wore wasn’t fit to take a chance, we were wearing a sari. It’s a kind of dress which is difficult to handle on a perfectly normal day. We were trying to fight nature, but we were learning fast,it was silly to do that.

What could we do,we were already quite a distance from the university. Going back would be just as hard. There we were inching our way to our place of residence. The wind was strong, the blowing dust made visibility difficult. We knew somehow we have to make it.

There were no vehicles moving. we couldn’t rent a rickshaw,there were none around.  Between stopping and walking we came closer to our residence.

I suddenly noticed a white car, the driver stopped and was calling us . We didn’t know who he was and continued to walk. The driver kept honking but we ignored him. He probably  realized we wouldn’t take his offer of getting a ride. There was a female passenger with him, she put her head out and waved. The female face gave us assurance it was okay to take the ride.

We stopped and went over to the parked car. The man was disgusted, he said,’You shouldn’t be out in this weather.’

One would think he was our guardian by the way he was talking. He was a good Samaritan who knew we needed help. He dropped us off at our residence.

We were thankful,had it not been for him I wouldn’t be here writing this story.

This is my entry for yeah write #142

NaBloPoMo Nov.25 ‘ Red’ Ranu’s post https://sabethville.wordpress.com

English: Bangladeshi wedding at Dhaka

English: Bangladeshi wedding at Dhaka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whenever I think of red,it reminds me of the wedding sari I wore on my wedding day .Everyone else was wearing other colors. It makes me wonder why in our culture red is the color chosen for a bride. Could it be friends and family want the bride to stand out and be noticed.I get mixed feelings about it.

We have traffic lights,red,yellow and green. Red is a warning which in other words,tells us we should stop.Yellow is for caution and green means, freedom to drive on.

Going back to red for a bride in our culture,how does it make sense to dress the bride in red. If red warns us to stop,in case of traffic lights,why is the color red suitable for a bride. In all other cases red means danger,why is it okay for a bride to wear a red sari on her wedding day. I really am puzzled!

DP daily Prompt: Land of Confusion Ranu’s post

London Underground roundel logo

London Underground roundel logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Snow in Russell Square. Unusual sight...

English: Snow in Russell Square. Unusual sight for London, a London bus stands snow topped at the side of Russell Square Gardens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was once invited to a tea party in London,England. The invitation was organized by British Council for new students who were in London on a British Council scholarship.

My supervisor told me I should accept all the invitations that come my way. It was according to her the best way of knowing a variety of people.

When I received the invitation for tea,I gladly accepted. At first I had no idea how the underground system worked,I took a map and figured out which line I should take.

I reached my destination on time. I saw some delightful ladies,wearing their fashionable dresses and hats. This put me out of place right away. I was wearing a sari,a very ordinary one. I could feel my face warm,I told myself,”it’s okay Ranu, Sari is the dress of your country,do not be embarrassed,they’ll know by looking at you,you are from India”. It wasn’t satisfactory for me,my country is Bangladesh. I let it go and looked around for a spot to sit. The ladies were deep in conversation,I was aware they did not bother to look at me,a mere insignificant woman disturbing their privacy. Someone came to me and offered tea and biscuits.I took the cup of tea and a biscuit and started to drink my tea as quietly as possible. I was afraid my breathing will cause the ladies to give me an evil eye.

Suddenly I saw some snow flakes falling.The ladies were excited they were giggling and laughing. I watched the snow, it disappeared when it hit the ground. I was a bit afraid,My dress was not perfect to welcome snow,I’d be cold and to make things worse I’d have to walk a reasonable length to get to the tube station.

When the party was over,the ladies left promptly,leaving me bewildered and anxious,I was thinking who will I thank. No one came forward I quietly left the place,walked a few yards to the underground station ,took the train to Russell Square and came back to Goodenough College. I breathed a sigh of relief when I came into my room.

NaBloPoMo Nov.17 How I spent my time yesterday Ranu’s post

Turquoise Chiffon Sari.

Turquoise Chiffon Sari. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was Saturday. I did not plan to do anything,but concentrate on my daily routine,so I translated a song and wrote the daily prompt.

My daughter suddenly said,”Mom do you want to go to Fabricville?” She wanted to look at some fabric for a dress. Her motivation was some of them are on sale. Why don’t we go and check it out. My theory is if I just do window shopping,it  will be fine.But O no, the fabric on sale were too attractive to just window shop.I had to have at least enough material to wear as a sari. Then I had to buy matching fabric for the long skirt and blouse.

Instead of helping Selina. I was busy buying for myself. I was pleased. I ignored the fact I had five or six sarees I did not wear yet. I thought about Auntie Jean,when I was going crazy buying the fabric. She was a sweet heart. Once she remarked, “Chaman,you have so many sarees,you have to live to be a hundred to wear all these”. If she were alive,she’d say two hundred I think. Well I certainly don’t want to live that long, I am thinking of Shakespeare’s poem,’All the world’s a stage,especially the last part,sans teeth , sans hearing etc.”

I love shopping, if I call it quits today,I am sure my things will come in handy for someone. I had a good time at the fabric store.It’s all about having a great time,doing something I love.

The Daily Post: Try a new point;One topic, three takes Post by Ranu

My second daughter decided to get married.The groom and the bride were more than ready to tie the knot. It didn’t matter, what my feeling was.I suddenly remembered this is a different age,here decisions are made by the two people,at least it was in my case.

i received a formal invitation and was reminded to send a reply. My daughter called me one day and said,”Mom you have to walk me down the aisle”. This was entirely new to me. However,I agreed.

I went to Dhaka bought all the sarees she wanted me to bring. My husband and I bought  jewellery for all three. I was happy to be a part of this solemn occasion.

She decided to have two ceremonies,one wearing a sari and another one in a bridal dress. I was given the responsibility of reading a  poem by Tagore. She picked out the poem,it was translated in English. I had some family friends who came to celebrate this occasion. The morning of the wedding she called me,I waited to hear what she had in mind,instead she told me to help the groom’s mother with the sari.

When the time came for the second ceremony,I watched her walking down the aisle with a physician she met in Halifax. I stood there looking like a fool. I could not believe my daughter would insult me this way.

The dinner was served. I was seated at a different table,away from the bride and groom. At that point I lost all my feeling about everything.I just asked God,’Why was I humiliated by my daughter’, I knew the reply, ‘I guess I told myself I have done too much for her maybe this is my prize’.

It has been three years since this event took place.I did not hear from her. I am confident I never will. She’ll probably show up to know how much she’ll inherit!

Alphie visits Dr. Edward

Dr. Edwards could sense,Alphie looked worried.He said,”You are my son’s friend ,I want what is best for you.” He knew he did not have to repeat what he said the day before.

“As a physician I have seen so many patients with multiple problems,I felt you are my own and I must tell you the dangers of overweight,there are just a few things to take care of,you have to change your diet,do regular exercise,there are experts who will be more than happy to help you.Once you are fit,just continue to take care of yourself.Within six months, I promise,you will be a changed and a happy man.” Alphie told Dr. Edwards,they were leaving the next day.

At home Alphie was very quiet ,he was not speaking to anyone.Susan tried to find out the reason.Alphie stayed silent.after a few days,he started to open up .He told his family about his visit with Dr. Edwards.They all agreed to help him in this crisis.Alphie  was happy to see his son,so motivated.

They all made a routine of how they should help Alphie as well as themselves.Days,weeks and months passed,the family was glad to see Alphie’s progress .The neighbours,friends and family members came in large droves to congratulate Alphie.They wanted to get his help and be fit like him.

Alphie and his family made plans to take another long trip.This time it will be business with pleasure.Let’s go to India Dad,Gepetto shouted! What a great idea Susan agreed with their son.Okay.Alphie agreed with them!

So long farewell,I cannot tell a lie,I am very tired ! See you all in India !