Daily Prompts: By the dots

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We all have strange relationships with punctuation- do you overuse exclamation marks?Do you avoid semicolon like the plague? What type of punctuation could you never live without? Tell us all about your punctuation quirks!

Comma, period and semicolon;

went for a ride in an overused wagon.

The wagon was unable to take the load,

it broke into pieces on a city wide road.

“What have you done? said the officer;

I will send you to prison to meet the jailer.”

Oh me, oh my screamed all three;

we cannot go to jail please set us free!

…………………… ūüôā



Writing Prompt: The satisfaction of a list

Who doesn’t love a list? So write one! ¬†Top five slices of Pizza in your town, ten reasons Disco will never die, the three secrets to Happiness–go silly or go deep just go list-Y

These are my three secrets to “Happiness”

1. Mind my business

2. Become a serious thinker

3. Eat what I like


1. Mind my business: We live in a crazy world where minding my business may not be that easy. I am willing to try and see if it makes me completely insane or wiser than I am. My plan is to read my novel,it is a good one,the title is,” Art of Hearing Heartbeats”it’s translated from German by Kevin Wiliarty. It I hope will ¬†take my mind off from thinking about the trivialities of life.

2. Become a serious thinker: This one will be a very satisfying thing for my heart and soul. I’d be able to hang out with the famous thinkers by reading their writings about their view on life. I’d learn from Iqbal about awareness of self, ¬†from Tagore the the mysteries of his poems and songs. From Socrates about life in general.

3. Eat what I like: ¬†I will buy everything I like from the super market. Each day I’d make a casserole to save time. If I get tired of the casserole I’d switch to chicken curry and rice. This will continue for a few days. My next dish I’d make would be vegetable Biriyani. This I hope will last for another week. I’d rotate this for a month. By the time the month is over I’d have had enough. Then it’d be sandwiches and soup.


I am positive minding my own business,becoming a serious thinker and eating what I like will keep my sanity in check and I’d be a very happy person!

https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/04/15/365-days-april-15-thesatisfactionof alist/ 





Writing Prompt: Imperfection

Imperfections- in things,in people,in places,–add character to life. Tell us about the imperfection you cherish.

Let me count the imperfections 

In my life 

Please don’t worry ¬†have no tension¬†

My doors are black

But the grass is green

Such a contrast you haven’t seen!


Then there’s the carpet

On the floor

Multi-colored with 

Peculiar designs

Something I have 

Never seen before!


Talk about my kittens

They are a rare breed

Dancing and jumping

On my unkempt carpet

They do not know how to behave 

For they really are a rare breed!


My lawn outside is full of snow

What can I do with it

I do not know

If you have any solution

      Please Let me know

I’d always be grateful¬†

For your explanation!


This is all I can write

Of my imperfection

Pray give me 

Your feedback

For my satisfaction!






DP Daily Prompt: A Brand New You, Effective Tomorrow


I  thought of all the great people  I can pretend to be. I do not get as much satisfaction as being me. I know me,I do not need to do research to find out who I am. I am well aware of the fact, I am not as important as personalities I can pretend to be.  To me if I cannot want to be me ,there is something  wrong.

So here I am, I’ve decided to write about myself . I came from a big family. ¬†I had eight brothers and three sisters. The number has decreased. Now I have four brothers and two sisters. ¬†We were a very happy family. My father was a senior officer in the government.My mother was a house wife. Cooking delicious food was her main occupation. She had to ,we the children and my father included were very fussy about food. We had our preferences. It was not easy for my mother to keep all of us happy.

My father had some basic rules, i.e.,  we must speak our mother tongue at home. We were encouraged to learn as many languages possible, but mother tongue was a priority.

In the neighborhood we spoke a different language to communicate with the kids. In school it was English. We were warned by our teachers who were nuns. English was the only language we were allowed to speak. For every word we spoke other than English we had to pay a fine.  It was not that much, but here is the trick ,we had to ask Mom,automatically Mom would find out we broke some rule in school,so we were punished I call this double whammy.

I lost my father when I was twelve years old. ¬†I didn’t think it was permanent,Dad would come back. I was naive, a twelve year old today knows more about the facts of life than I did when I was that age.

My mom decided our stay in that city was over we have to move to Bangladesh. We packed our stuff and left the only city we knew well.

Then came all sorts of problems financially . My father left a lot of money,my inexperienced eldest brother decided to invest the money in business. Within a year he lost all my Dad’s savings. Luckily my two other brothers helped us with our education.

One thing we all learned fast was we have to be educated. I studied with the intention of getting a master’s degree. It was a pretty lofty ideal for a fourteen year old. My big sister was always on my face reminding me I was never going to do well in education. I do not study hard enough, she would say.

Things worked out for me I did get that elusive  masters degree and also one more.

After completing my education,I taught in a few schools. ¬†In between my job I got married and had children of my own. I sometimes wonder how my mother could cope with twelve children. I haven’t been able to cope with three, they have a mind of their own. They do not mind ditching you when things don’t go their way.

I must admit I have nothing to complain about how I dealt with my life,given the fact,I had a husband and three children who needed my attention. I have done that .

Now I am in a position to please myself. I blog, study, try to write some stories. I am my own boss and I like it. ¬†This was in short my story. I thought I know all about me and how I got where I am. There is no need to be someone else. It wouldn’t be natural.

Another brand New Year will begin tomorrow. I’ll try to repeat what I have done in 2013. Maybe I’d find some opportunities to improve my writing.

DP Daily Prompt: A Little Sneaky Post by Ranu

Writing prompts to me is an useful exercise and can be sneaky. Take for example, the one I did yesterday about the last song I heard.I had to pick the third line and make it my post. This required a lot of pondering on my part. I tested a few,the third line was not helping me to write anything.I did write something,I felt as if the topic was taking me where I did not want to go.

It was a question of ,’Should I skip it or attempt it?’ Then the thought why not I pick a song from a language I know and translate it. To my surprise what I came up with was amazing. I ended up writing about the dearest person in the world. Although I had to exercise my brain,mind whatever you call it, the result was heartening for me. I was able to write about my Dad.The satisfaction I got from it was tremendous.

The prompts can be a little sneaky as well.There are prompts where I wrote about myself,my likes,dislikes the whole bit. It seemed at times I was writing my autobiography unconsciously. This is the part I’d call sneaky.

To sum up I must say,I enjoy writing the prompts.If I had to think of what to write, I wouldn’t write one every day.The fact I get help is truly remarkable,sneaky or not.