Wacky Writing Prompt: Scavenger Hunt

To find the first sentence of your story. Take the third book from the left of your bookshelf. On Page forty-two, third sentence from the top, is the first sentence of your story.(if it is a blank page , keep going until you find a page with type.)

I lean forward slowly as though she is a Rottweiler, and she quickly shoves the papers at me and retreats.

I couldn’t even get the chance to say, “What are these.”

Well there was a bundle, I wasn’t ready to read through all of them. I kept turning pages until I found something interesting, just as I was ready to give up, it was as if by magic I heard something,”Hello please don’t trash me , there is something valuable for you to read.”

“Really paper you can talk, I said out loud.”

Was I imagining or did I actually hear those words. I shuffled the papers and picked the one I thought spoke to me, then I heard, “You found me, please read me it is all about lowering your blood pressure.”

I took the paper to the kitchen, as I was hungry I thought , I ‘ll make my sandwich first then read about blood pressure. I took two slices of white bread, the voice came back, “are you sure you want to use white bread, don’t you have whole wheat bread, it’s better, you know?”

I was irritated but thought it’s true whole wheat bread is better for me.I was about to put a thick slice of roast beef between the two slices, “bad selection.” I heard, “how about lettuce and tomatoes?”

Okay I agreed and did as I was told,I was afraid to use mayonnaise just in case I hear the voice again, instead I settled for some mustard. I prepared my sandwich, poured a glass of water, I was ready to eat my creation.

While preparing my lunch I thought it best to put the paper in a safe place, my window was open for some fresh air, to my dismay a gust of wind blew my piece of paper out the window. I stood there watching the paper fly away to never,never land!

……………………………….. 🙂