365 Writing Prompts: I believe in Magic

You have been transformed into a mystical being who has the ability to do magic. Share your your new abilities in detail. How will you use your new skills?

I believe if one sincerely believes in God can in most circumstances help someone who needs it. I have tried to help my family by praying.

So far I must say I was successful, one of my family members applied for a scholarship, she wasn’t sure she’d get it. She asked me to pray. It took me ten days to complete the number of times I was supposed to repeat the prayer. She received the scholarship.

Another relative of ours lost his job, my husband and I and a few others joined  to say the prayer, we were able to complete the prayer in a short time. The relative got back his job.

I cannot claim I have mystical powers but I’m certain, if anyone has true faith can succeed. It should be done for a good cause.


DP Daily Prompt: Against All Odds

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I had just  completed my M.A and B.ed.,degrees and took a teaching position in a local school. I always wanted to go to England to study. Financially I was not solvent to be able to study there.

My only hope was to see if I could get a scholarship. I was never sure it was possible to get one. I did not stop dreaming. One day I was reading a newspaper which I did frequently to look for opportunities to get a better job or maybe something about scholarship. I was very secretive about my quest, one my colleagues may discourage me or if my siblings found out they’d make fun of me, these were the two things which stopped me from telling anyone.

To my absolute joy I found exactly what I was looking for. The British Council was offering scholarships to study in London,England. I was happy I’d get a chance to apply. It didn’t mean I’d be successful. I was told there were thousands of applicants.  Out of that number, they pick only one thousand. I was getting this news from my colleagues who knew nothing about my application. They may have suspected, I certainly was tight lipped about it.

My secret did not last long, the secretary called my principal and told him I was selected for an interview. He of course wasn’t thrilled to know this, he discouraged me,he said they (the school) was planning to send me in a couple of years. I told him it’s only an interview it doesn’t guarantee anything. Inwardly my joy knew no bounds,I was cautiously optimistic and that was all.

On the day of the interview I was nervous, I sat outside the door of the conference room and wondered what kind of fate awaits me.When I was called in, I walked in slowly, I could feel my heart beating, I was told to sit,which I did. There were about seven gentleman sitting around the oval table. I must have looked somewhat puny in comparison to them.

The barrage of questions started ,I could barely answer one and  another one was asked by a different person. This kept on going for at least thirty minutes. When they told me that was all. I couldn’t imagine what the verdict would be. I was glad to be out of that room . I tried to take my mind off from this interrogation and consoled myself by saying, not everyone is lucky and I certainly could not count myself as belonging to that group.

My luck ran out when I lost my Dad at age twelve. My mother always encouraged us to be optimistic. It was probably why I applied for the scholarship.

Two weeks after this I received a large envelope from the council,I was afraid to open it first,then I said to myself, maybe they’ll say they are sorry they couldn’t select me. When I opened the envelope, the tickets fell out, I could not believe I was selected. Next few days were spent getting ready. I did not mind it, it was the best day of my life!!


DP Daily Prompt:All it’s cracked up to Be http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/01/15/daily-prompt-perfect/

I wasn’t very optimistic about myself from a young age. I suppose losing a father at age twelve does that to some. I was the striking example of that.

To me hope was a far fetched thing. I’d try for things and always thought the outcome would be negative. I tried all the same with the idea I have nothing to lose. I won’t get what I want. I didn’t have any uncle or someone important who’d try to get me what I want. I did have uncles who could do it , but they told me from the start I’m on my own. No one helped them, this was the kind of attitude they had. I always stayed quiet and tried to achieve what I wanted.

I did have success in education. I’d try to study in a certain place ,with that intent I applied,I made sure no one knew it. I was truly surprised when I was successful.

When I was fourteen I wanted to study in England. I knew it was expensive. There was no one in my family who could bear the expenses. I thought about it frequently.

I took each day as it came.I never had too many high hopes for me. I went every year of studies wishing to continue the next and the next.  To my pleasant surprise I successfully completed my masters degree.  I then applied for admission in B.Ed., I was accepted but I didn’t like the place. I went back to Dhaka . I was disappointed I’d have to study in a place I didn’t like.

I found an Ad. in the newspaper about some scholarship offered by Punjab University. I applied but wasn’t sure I’d get it. It was not until then did I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I received a letter of interview on a certain day.I know an interview doesn’t mean anything is granted, but to be selected for one was awesome.

The interviewers were pleasant, they asked me a few questions. A few days later I received a letter I was awarded the scholarship.

I completed the degree and took a job in a school. I disliked the environment. The principal continuously yelled at the teachers, right in front of the kids. I was new and thought that’s it I am going to quit. Ten days later I submitted my resignation letter, it was not accepted. I had to teach for two years and three months , the thought of studying in England was still fresh on my mind. I saw another Ad. in the newspaper about British Council , offering scholarships to study in England. I jumped at the idea and applied for it. Then I thought there will be thousands of applicants for this opportunity to go to England. I didn’t think I’d be selected for an interview. To my dismay I got a letter of the interview date. They  informed my school principal. He was not pleased he said,” You shouldn’t have applied.”

I told him, “it doesn’t mean I’d get the scholarship.”

I was surprised when he said,”yes you will.”

I got the scholarship and was happy my childhood dream was fulfilled!


DP Daily Prompt: The Excitement Never Ends Post by Ranu


London (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

It happened a while ago. I always dreamed of  going to England to study. Whether I would ever be successful in doing so or it would always be a dream,I did not know. The thought was there.I never talked about it with anyone especially not my siblings.

I was not a serious student, working too hard was not in me,despite this fact I wanted to study overseas . My brothers who paid my tuition fees for college and university ,were incapable of sending me.It was a question of a large sum of money.I understood it. I did not expect them to try,they had already done enough for me.

I am a big believer that if you want anything bad enough,the doors of success opens up out of nowhere. This was my case,I saw an ad in the newspaper, British Council was offering scholarships in innumerable subjects to successful candidates to study in London . How could I pass this up.I was dreaming about it for eons. Now fate was giving me a chance to grab it. I did not have faith in myself,I was a student who spent minimum number of hours to get through my courses. It was a test I was willing to take,if it failed to materialize it was okay, I did not deserve it.

I applied and waited patiently for a response,at the same time thinking,Me?no they will discard my application the moment they receive it. after what seemed a decade I received a letter in which they said I was selected for an interview. I was cautiously optimistic and made sure no one knew about it.

I have no recollection of what the questions were,I only recall the interviewers,their eyes were pinned on me,this is how I felt. I dared not look at them fearing I’d fall apart and it’d be a total disaster. I came out of that room,feeling nothing good or bad. The days that followed were painfully slow.

My joy knew no bounds when I was handed a thick envelope,I hope the news is good,please God I thought. My hands continuously shaking I opened the envelope and found a letter and a  ticket to fly to London. My feelings were completely numb,is this a dream or is it real. Did my dream come true? My mind spoke to me, “Open your eyes ,Chaman, your dream is now a reality!”

I spent sleepless nights about the journey. I was never the giggling type but I was excited!

DP Daily Prompt: Blogger With A Cause Post by Ranu

I think I have taken care of my responsibilities. The kids are now adults. They are capable of looking after themselves,I hope they are. From the time they were infants,up to now I did everything for them. I fed them,clothed them,taught them anything they wanted I gave them.I have come to a point where I sense they are not as generous with their time as I was. This probably is my fate.

I think I’d want to do something for someone other than my family. I carried a lot of burden to raise them.When I look back I feel I’ve done more than the two younger ones deserve. It’s my time to turn to something else which would make me feel better.

I am so disappointed I don’t feel like volunteering for anything. I fear I may face another set of ungrateful people,I’d have difficulty coping if this happens.

Anyway I am seriously thinking of setting up a scholarship for kids in my area.How it will turn out I have no idea,I presume better than the two I’ve raised.This is all I think for now.It may change when I think some more.

DP Daily Prompt: Success Post by Ranu


London (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I was not a very confident person from my childhood. I lost my father when I was twelve .We moved to my mother’s homeland.I’m calling it my mother’s, I could not quite understand the difference then. I tried to get admission in an English medium school ,I was unable ,they had up to a certain grade,I was past it. My brother hired a private tutor for me, I did not like the arrangement,I said I could do without one. I studied at home,my big sister gave up, to her I wasn’t spending  much time studying. She regularly gave me assignments which I finished in a few minutes. My elder brother and sister assumed,I was not the material for higher studies,therefore they’ll marry me off to some farmer, where I would be a proper fit.I’d be able to tend his cattle and what have you. It hardly scared me,yes my father passed away at a very young age and it put me in the mercy of my siblings. I did not devote time for studies any longer than usual. In my mind I knew God will not be unfair with me.

I finished school exams privately. I finished college and university successfully. My siblings’ desire to marry me off to a farmer  did not materialize. Then came the challenge,I had applied for a scholarship to study B.Ed. I was never serious in my studies,but pulled through successfully. Applying for a scholarship was indeed a bold attempt on my part. I always gave myself a chance.It certainly did not mean I’d get it. The arrival of the man in uniform gave me hope, it meant I have an interview.Delighted I went for the interview,the way they were asking questions gave me confidence they like me. Surprise,surprise dear siblings ,I got the scholarship.

The next step was two years later I applied for another scholarship to study in London, England. I did not tell my brother or the big sister.I knew they’d make fun of me. Amazingly enough I was selected for an interview,this time I was terrified,all these big shots would ask me questions and my confidence level was an all time low. One of the things I did was not to look at any one of them  There were seven of them,I never saw them in my life. I thought perhaps they were thinking I am a crazy fool to apply for this particular scholarship. My motto was how will I know how capable they think I am if I do not make an effort to prove myself. So these were the two occasions when I tasted success and I was delighted. I didn’t think I stood a chance, but it seems I was an all right candidate.

When I look back I am happy that I didn’t exert too much pressure on myself. Everything turned out well for me,the best part is my brother wasn’t able to marry me off to some farmer to look after his cattle and sheep!

DP___ Daily Prompt: Decisions,Decisions

I made one of my most important decisions by reasoning. After completing my degree,I was interested to get admission in the ‘Bachelor of Education Program’.To fulfill my ambition I went with my classmate to Mymensingh.It is four hours away from Dhaka city.When we arrived there,we were told it was too late.The admission was filled. We were disappointed,when we turned around to leave,we bumped into the Principal. She was an amiable lady.She asked us why we were there.We related our sob story.Immediately the lady told the Vice Principal to admit us. Her reason was these two have guts and she liked that. I looked around the building,everything looked dark and gloomy,the high ceiling and the dim light did not stir up my desire to be there.

I started reasoning, is this the place I want to study.I was already freaking out about the atmosphere there?I saw everything negative there.The worst was, I will have to ask my brothers to pay my tuition fees and boarding house fees once again.I started thinking am I being unfair to my brothers? After all they have paid for my schooling for six years,I cannot ask them to support me for another year. This was a major dilemma for me. I went back to Dhaka with all these negative thoughts,ghostly building,more money,what was my recourse I asked myself,I only saw all the doors closing in on me. I remember Julie Andrews  saying’ when the  Lord closes one door,he opens another’ in ‘The Sound of Music’.It only happens in movies I mused. I still didn’t come to any decision. That day I had nothing to do,so I went to the common room in the residence,where we all hang out and read newspapers,journals or just simply gab. With my mind in a negative mode,I picked up that day’s paper. It seemed a door was starting to open up for me,there was an  Ad for Scholarsip in various Faculties.I was delighted to see there was one for Education as well. I tore off the part I needed.I came back to my dormitory and wrote an application for the scholarship for B.Ed.

I patiently waited to hear from them.A few weeks later a man in uniform,came to my uncle’s house informing me I had an interview with the Director of Public Instruction.Next few days I couldn’t sleep. Now I was afraid I may not get the Scholarship. The Lord did open the door for me,I was selected.All my reasoning finally paid off.

Weekly Writing Challenge All About Me

I chose this because I thought,it would be fun writing about me. I am the main character.I did not have the privilege of doing this before.I told myself I don’t know much about me.Maybe the readers and I will know  me from this piece of writing.

I am the seventh child of my parents.I went to school at an early age.My Dad thought I was too talkative.School will be the only place where it can be fixed. So I started school,if my home work was not done,I played sick or too cold.My dad did not have any issues. Who knows what he thought.My big sister did not leave me alone. After passing the hurdle of school, I was faced with a new animal called college. I zipped through it and reached the grown up stage. I started university,suddenly I realized I have to be serious,this is no joke.Now that I am here I should make the non-believers take me as a serious student.I am not just going to squeak by,but make some noise while passing through. I did make some noise,it was not loud enough for my friends or folks to take notice.I completed my university degrees comfortably.

With not much to do I decided to apply for a scholarship to do B.Ed.Fortunately I was successful.It took a year to complete it.I took a job in a local school,taught for eleven months.I was advised to look for a job in the big city. I got the job.I was told I should stay single for seven years.Well I gave up the job after two years.Once again I tried my luck to go to England ,I applied for a scholarship and God was kind once more. I completed the hurdle of school.

A real change came into my life when I got married.I moved to Montreal,Canada. Within a year My husband and I moved to Gander,Newfoundland. I taught in an elementary school.I taught some amazing kids.

Gander is a place where the winter is long and cold.We had a lot of snow.Sometimes the snow would change into rain,melt some of the snow and the ground would freeze. I used to be scared of the ice and dreaded going to school.I had a very considerate young child in my class,he waited for me everyday to help me walk on the ice.He was always there,in fact he came early.His name was Ross Piercy.I don’t know where he is now,I hope I could tell him now, what a great kid he was!