DP Daily Prompts: Big Day Ahead

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It’s the night before an important event: a big exam, a major presentation, your wedding. How do you calm your nerves in preparation for the big day?

Of all the choices above I’m inclined to write about the big exam. When I was fifteen my big exam was the school final, we had moved from Rawalpindi to Comilla. Comilla is in Bangladesh, the teaching system was entirely different from what I was used to, the medium of instruction in the local schools was Bengali. I went to a school where it was English, I couldn’t register in the local school.

I prepared for the final exam at home, my brother hired a tutor for me, I didn’t feel comfortable, so I opted to study independently.

I was never the studious type, I was not fully prepared for the exam, I was not nervous at all before the exam, I calmly sat in my seat and waited for the invigilator to distribute the question paper. When I got mine I read all the questions and picked the ones I thought was not too difficult. I passed the exam.

Passing the exam while having a  completely different syllabus of studies  from what I did before gave me the confidence I needed to continue my studies.

After this I spent a few more years studying, by then I knew the higher I went the more complex the exams will be, I kept up the habit of studying a few weeks before the exam, I did not trip up I sailed on smoothly.

It was when I hit post graduate studies I realized I’d have to be serious from day one which I managed without any problem.

The fact that I used the least possible time studying before I got to post graduate degree, all that energy I saved up year after year came in handy, I was ready to do well and believe it or not the profs. thought I was a good student.In my very Big exam I did very well, I didn’t need to calm my nerves, I was confident I will pass and it happened!


365 Writing Prompts: A bend in time

When you’re giddy with excitement, does time speed up ? Slow down? Tell us about the experience of anticipation.

I had those moments of anticipation more often than I’d care to admit. They were not exactly excitement but were too stressful for me .

I had finished my school final exam. and had to wait a while for the results.I was not waiting for an outstanding result, how could I, I barely spent enough time  studying as others. I was hoping to pass the exam, I knew if I didn’t there was going to be trouble, my brother had already threatened to marry me off to some farmer or anyone of his kind, if I failed.

At fifteen things were looking dismal, and because my father passed away my elder brother was the head of the family, failure would mean I’d be at the mercy of my brother.

The day of the result arrived, our roll numbers would be out in the morning news paper i.e. of those who passed. I didn’t forget to say my morning prayer that day, I knew if I asked God to help me, He would.

The moment I heard the bicycle bell of the delivery man my heart beat faster, “please God I said let me cross this hurdle, I will study hard if I passed.”

The results were out on the front page my younger brother was jumping with joy, I’m not sure what he was thinking I was terrified, I opened the newspaper, the first page was filled with roll numbers of candidates who passed in the first division, I went on to the second page, after going through a whole bunch of numbers, I saw mine, tears rolled down my cheeks as I said,”Mom I passed.”