365 Writing Prompts : About Page for the Future

Write the About page for your blog in ten years.

My about page will not change in ten years, it’ll  basically be  the same,except it would be like Shakespeare’s ,”As you like it, “I will go through the stages of my development. I won’t be able to write about me as a baby, I don’t have any recollection of that, I must have gone through the stages of infancy as other babies did.

However I remember my sister told me me when I was a baby I used to faint a lot.Once my aunt had me in her lap and all of a sudden I fainted. She was so scared, she apologized to my mother she said, “Apa( big sister)I didn’t do anything, she just fainted.”

My eldest sister was annoyed she said, “Do not worry auntie she always faints like that.”

I can’t remember my toddler stage either, and no one told me how good or bad I was. So that stage is out of the way.

At my school stage whenever that started I made excuses when the temperature outdoors was unbearably cold or the opposite. I’d pretend I have a tummy ache, headache or I’m cold once again depending on the temperature.

In college I was a quiet teenager, had some friends and a lot of inquisitive classmates, their repeated question was, why I am studying Urdu, if I am a Bengali. I did not care enough to answer that question.

From college to university was a giant leap stage for me, everything and every one were too big and difficult to handle, from the reference books to the profs to my fellow students, I was one under age student who had no business being there.

After going through the university I ventured to go for a degree in M.ed, professor Elliott stared at me as if saying inwardly, you got to be kidding, I don’t want someone like you studying here, then the words came out speedily, only because I was unable to hear his thoughts, “You are too young!.”

The later stages will follow when I have time!

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