365 Writing Prompt: Singular sensation

If one experience or life change results from writing your blog, what would you like it to be?

Writing my blog has helped me to know a lot of people. I love reading their comments and I also get to read their posts. There are poems written by bloggers I enjoy, stories of some bloggers are absolutely amazing.

When I started I had no idea how it will pan out, after two years, I can say this experience is wonderful for me.

One experience or life change results from writing my blog, what would I like it to be. I think I would like to know more people from all over the world.

Their way of life, the language they speak,the foods they eat, their schools and colleges. The one thing I’m really interested to learn  is about  the food they eat and get some recipes. I know the food network shows a lot of different kinds of cooking, I’m interested to know the recipes from local people.

This is one experience I’d like to have, it may not change my life but it will be fun to learn.




DP Daily Prompt: We Built This City

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

I love my city because it’s not huge. Going from one place to another does not take long. We seldom have traffic jams, only in the morning traffic is slow but not terrible and also in the afternoon when people are returning home from work. The super markets and the malls and shopping centers are a short distance from my house.

The schools and our only university is well equipped with books,journals and magazines we need for our daily work.

Our people are very friendly,they are always ready to help, should anyone need assistance.

Our transportation system is awesome,we have public buses and taxis  to take us anywhere if we don’t have our own car. The fare is reasonable.

We have a variety of restaurants, if we need it for a special day,like birthdays,anniversaries etc.,

The one thing that becomes a problem is when we want to fly out to different destinations,there are only a few airlines, it costs more to get out of the island and also takes longer to get anywhere because of the connecting flights.

The weather is a problem too. Sometimes our flight gets cancelled on a perfectly sunny day because of  fog.

If I were a mayor, I’d see to it the condition of the roads are better. There are too many potholes and drivers get their car tires punctured if they are not aware of the potholes.

More parks are necessary for children and their parents to visit. The existing parks should be in good shape,to keep the children safe from accidents.

Some of the public buildings need a face lift for the safety of citizens.

All in all my city is a very affordable and safe place to live in.

There are always some drawbacks everywhere we live, there isn’t a perfect place anywhere I think, it’s nice to accept the way things are in any place and do our best to adapt.