Writing: Intro to Poetry, Day Six : Screen

Poetry, Day Six: Screen( poetic theme: Enjambment)

I will remember Saira forever:

A quiet helpful human, and a lovely soul,

I will never meet someone like her,

looking after me,

as if I was her real sister.

………………………………………… 🙂

Writing : Intro to Poetry, DaySix : Screen

Poetry, Day Six : Screen

Poetic toolkit : Enjambment

My life resembles a 

Screen of laughter and


I laughed,

when someone tried,

to show off,

and cried when things,

went oh,


I asked my mother why,

don’t our lives,

stay still and stop changing,

She said, 

God wants us to have a taste,

of sorrow,

and happiness,

Because it’s the only,

way humans will know the,


Life is an ever-changing,


……………………………….. 🙂



Writing:Intro to Poetry, Day Six, Screen

Poetry Day Six : Screen

Device: Enjambment

Window_Porto_Covo_August_2013-2.jpg (5961×4161)

There are many scenes passing,

me by, when I look out,

my window.

The lawn care fellows,

mowing and raking, the lawn.

My neighbor’s,

tree covered, with leaves

blocking, my view.

The sky looks,

overcast, a quiet,

breeze, blowing the leaves.

The air must be

cool, I’m feeling

cold, it’s time for me,

to wear something warm.

…………………………….. 🙂








Writing: Intro to Poetry, Day Six: Screen

Form: Enjambment

Image from WordPressAn open laptop sitting on a bed in a dark bedroom

My life is a big screen,

it holds memories of,

my loved ones, first it was,

my Dad,he had so much to

give, but he left us

early, we the younger

ones, became orphans,

without understanding

why, Mom took

over, she kept us together.

When I grew up I had no

direction, I knew not then

how, important was education.

I studied, when I felt like

it,slept, longer than necessary

despite, my sister’s constant

reminders, I did what I thought

was, right, someone up

there, must have kept

me, focused.

Or else ,how did I, successfully

fight, off the,

obstacles, on my




Pausharini Vendor( poem) by Tagore Translation by Ranu

Vendor ,O vendor,

morning is spent buying and selling in  markets.

When it’s time to return home

who knows what came to mind

you sat under the shady tree,

all  the saved profit

remained in the basket,

where did your  thoughts take you.

This field,this red dirt,


Jackfruit (Photo credit: Rennett Stowe)

the  leaves of the jack fruit touched by the sun,

the cold breeze

the trembling  grass

what did they say in your ears!

Far away in the river water

stripes of light glistens,

what spell does it add to your meditation.

From creations first recollection

the first vibration started your blood flow

This is why the tree and  grass

know their heart

the midday of winter__

in earth’s playground

for a long time

you play in the  golden green lawn.

Sitting in the quiet field

your mind’s screen is cast off speedily.

the light and  sky together

seem dancing in the universe

you see in front of you

middle of that huge space

the sound  playing

is humming in your heart.

The speedy calls

have ended in this familiar world.

There is no news anywhere,

no hint of action__


sun’s  scorching  heat is felt instantly

a deep sigh comes from  empty space.

Vendor,O vendor,

you forgot for a split second buying and selling.

where’s the market, the wharf,

where’s the home, the road,

the day’s noisy murmur,

brings eternal message

to everyone’s  heart

quiet  indifference and anxiety.