Daily Prompt: Secret

Write a post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

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Secret is something you don’t want to share with any one.   Once you tell  your good friend it does not remain a secret. The friend will tell his/her friend, soon a lot of people will know it.

Unless your secret cannot hurt you or one of your close relative, it probably is okay to talk about it.

People have a secret recipe which they don’t like to share. If I’m asked to give a recipe, I’m more than glad to share it.

We must keep some things confidential. This way we are safe.

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Tagore Song posted and translated by ranu

I know you know

What is on my mind.

I want it to be a secret

But my eyes give it away.

I fear I might say something unsuitable

This is why I go far away.

I spend my time

On the side of the street.

Come and see how my

Eyes reveal what is on my mind.

In the never-ending midnight

I have my message of worship

Break my meditation

With a sudden laughter.

I spend my lonely days

And nights stringing

My garland of contemplation.

Absentmindedly I will sing

Come for a moment

To find out what is  on my mind!

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/03/02/tagore-song-po…ated-by-ranu-5/
















DP Daily Prompts: Locked and Sealed

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Can you keep a secret? Have you ever –intentionally or not— spilled the beans(when you should’ve stayed quiet)?

This is a story of a prophet who hid from his enemies to save himself from getting killed, there was the lizard who couldn’t keep the secret and the spider who wove a web to protect the prophet.

It so happened his enemies came looking for him in the exact spot he was hiding, they were talking to each other, one said to the other,”Do you think he is hiding here?”

The lizard made a loud, tick,tick sound to confirm he was there, thanks to the spider who carefully wove a web to protect the prophet.

The lesson learned here is, ‘do not be a lizard,be a spider.’

I’d rather be a spider and not a lizard!

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/09/07/dp-daily-promp…ked-and-sealed


Writing Prompt: Evasive Action

What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?


I am one of those people who is unable to keep any kind of secret, I do not want to  overburden my already tired mind,it can explode any time. 

There are some people who love keeping secrets, once my husband’s friend told him that his niece was getting married and my husband was asked to keep it a secret,  my husband didn’t tell any one. One day the friend visited us and he was talking about his niece’s wedding, I was surprised I said, “I didn’t know your niece was  getting married?”

Wide eyed he replied, “don’t tell me you didn’t know.” Then he turned around and said,

“I didn’t  mean not to tell your wife.”

So this is the example of my husband.

Then there was  my Dad, he worked for the federal government, was very secretive about his job,of course I was too young to be curious about his job. All  I knew he went to work at 8 am and came back at 6 pm. 

The most interesting thing that happened in my closest family was my cousin married someone secretly, we did not find out until six months later. She didn’t let the secret out but the people who helped her gave all kinds of hints.

The truth came out, all the family members were upset for sometime. Eventually it all worked out, the good thing was my aunt and uncle didn’t have to spend any money for the wedding!








DP Daily Prompt: Random Act of kindness

Random Act of kindness : there were a few I was able to do,but they were not a secret,for instance I donated some money to an orphanage in my hometown. It was not a secret, the administrator gave receipts for it. Maybe the children didn’t know,but when someone knows it, in my mind it’s not a secret.

I put some gifts under the Christmas tree in the mall. This can be called a secret. I am not aware how it was received. I felt good, to me it counts.

We are supposed to give ‘zakat’ every year.  I try to give money. Sometimes it’s not possible.

Random Thoughts of Kindness Barnstar

Random Thoughts of Kindness Barnstar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tagore song,(amaar raat pohalo)My night has ended translated and posted by Ranu post by ranu

My night has ended,

on this Autumn morning

my night has ended.

O flute, who can I leave you with

my night has ended.

A sound rang in your chest

announcing the parting.

so many seasons,mornings

have gone by,

now my night has ended.

The words that remained  secret

in my heart,

you stole them in your songs.

That time has ended

like the stars at night.

It is time to end this journey

like the withered flowers.

My night has ended ,

on this Autumn morning!

DP Daily Prompt: You,the Sandwich Post by Ranu

Garam Masala-spice

Garam Masala-spice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If the restaurant were to name something after me,what can it be? I am thinking,it has to be something the customers would like to eat.I got it ,it will be Ranu’s bhoona gosht. It is a meat dish. The following is the recipe:


2 pounds of blade roast—sliced into one inch pieces

5 small onions–chopped

4 cloves of garlic– chopped

one inch piece of ginger–chopped and blend into paste

1 table spoon– curry powder

half tsp. cayenne powder

1 tsp. coriander powder

half tsp. cumin powder

quarter tsp. cinnamon powder

1 tsp. garam masala  powder

half tsp. paprika powder

3 tblsp.  olive oil or canola oil

salt to taste


1.Wash the meat thoroughly,remove excess fat.

2. heat the oil in a sauce pan.

3. put the onion,ginger and garlic,fry it until the onion is transparent.

4. put all the spices and fry it for a minute,do not let it burn.

5. It should be cooked in medium heat.

6. put the meat and stir it . Cook it for five minutes.

7. Transfer the meat into an oven proof pot.

8. preheat the oven at 350 degrees.

9. place the meat in the oven,leave it to cook for an hour.You should check it every twenty minutes, do not let it burn.The finished meat dish will be dry.This is why it’s called ‘Bhoona Gosht’.

You can serve it with rice or chapati( something like tortilla)

If you follow it according to the instructions given it will be a very tasty dish. Your friends,provided they like spicy food will ask for the recipe. Keep it a secret,what do you think?

Tagore Song singer- Deb Biswas posted and translated by ranu

Japanese names of parts of a musical note

Japanese names of parts of a musical note (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I eagerly listen

in my own impassable heart ,

again and again.

Someone is  crying and laughing;

I eagerly listen

to hear their secret,

again  and again.

I eagerly listen

again and again.

The wandering bumble bee  hides alone

behind the water lily.

I eagerly listen,

the bird of the night singing,

alone in the dark.

I eagerly listen

in my own impassable heart,

who it is, no one knows.

I have some idea,

some I can guess,

some I do not understand.

Sometimes the message is cloaked

in a musical note.

What can it be in my language?

I eagerly listen,

again and again!

Question by R. Tagore___ translated by Ranu

Tagore in 1879, when he was studying in England.

Tagore in 1879, when he was studying in England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The title of this poem is ‘Question’

O God,you sent messengers so many times

in this cruel world___

they said,’forgive all,  ‘said give love___

remove all bad thoughts from your heart’.

they are  respected, they are remembered, still outside

in these bad times their efforts failed.

I saw secret jealousy in the insincere darkness

how it hit the helpless people.

I saw ____no justice against the criminals

the verdict went against the innocent and made them cry quietly.

I saw young boys running to save their lives

what a painful death they suffered.

My voice is silent today, my flute has lost its melody.

In this dark fortnight who has

destroyed my world that seems like a nightmare.

This is why I ask you with tearful eyes____

P question

P question (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

those who have poisoned your air, turned off your lights,

did you forgive them,  did you love them?