DP Daily Prompt: Non Sequitur Post by Ranu

I was talking to my friend over the phone. She complained I don’t call her,when she calls I ask her,’How are you’. I thought fair enough,but when I get the call what else can I say,except,’How are you?’ I thought. She did not agree with me. I avoided pursuing the topic.

While in conversation with her,she gave me the news of her son’s engagement.I congratulated her. She also informed me, the wedding is in New York.I excused myself, I told her I will not be able to attend. Then she said I’ll have to go to Chicago for the reception.

Our conversation moved to my sister in law,she left me a message,in it she kept repeating, “Why aren’t you picking up the phone?” I told my friend this was the time I was in Montreal. Without skipping a beat, she said, ‘When is she expecting’? ¬†She left me wondering what was that about? It was like the saying: “She tried to hit me with a forklift!”