DP Daily Prompts: Alphabet Soup

Write down the letters of the ABC.For each one,choose a word that begins with that letter.Now write a post about anything—- using all the words you selected.



Some able bodied men came together to kill the snake that was the cause of many deaths. It was the most venomous snake in the city. People came from far and wide to watch these brave men. There was a problem, no one knew where to find this hideous serpent.

Little Bobby was playing at the back of their lawn, suddenly he heard, “hello  Billy can you save me from these vicious men they are looking for me and are determined to put an end to my life. I promise I didn’t kill anyone?”

Bill looked on the right, then on the left, he walked few feet on the side, he didn’t see a thing, he was so frightened by the voice, he ran home went to his room and started shivering, his aunt Millie and uncle Brad tried to calm him but were unable to do so.

Meanwhile a  freak in the nearby house picked up his xylophone and began to play it, “this is not the time for music young Harry bellowed, if you want to track down the snake you should play the snake charmer’ flute.”

The  freak was angry,he yelled out “just who do you think you are to stop me I’ll play my instrument as long as I want who gave you  the authority to shout at me?”

Harry was equally upset, in an earth shattering voice he said, “I’ll zap you if you aren’t quiet this second!”

The last time I checked the men were still looking for the serpent, Oh My God is all I can say!




Ack deen Raatey Aami shopno dekhinu,One night I had A Dream by Tagore translation by Ranu

One night I had a dream

‘Look’  ‘look’ Binu was saying.

I look out and what do I see a mutual beating of the batten and the beams,

Kolikata is shaking and moving about.

The huge brick houses are moving straight,

the doors and windows are noisy and looking great.

The road is slithering like a huge serpent,

on its back the tram and the vehicles are advancing boom boom.

The shops and the bazaar go up and down,

The roofs are knocking each other dead.

Howrah bridge the massive scorpion is moving with its might,

Harrison road is going close  behind it.

The monument looks like a crazy elephant’s trunk

English: A female African Bush Elephant raises...

English: A female African Bush Elephant raises her trunk as a warning sign in Mikumi National Park, Tanzania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

waving its snout in the empty sky.

Our school is speeding in a hurry,

the math book runs so does grammar.

The maps on the walls are getting restless and fidgety,

Birds seem to flap their wings with authority.

The bell keeps swinging,ding dong ding dong___

thousands of people say wait,wait,wait,

where will we go from where,this is truly crazy!

Kolikata is not listening it’s in a frenzy,

her intoxication of dancing is visible on pillars and walls.

I think ,there is nothing to worry,

let Kolikata go straight to Mumbai.

Dilli can go to Lahore, and Agra too__

I will wear a Pugree on my head and Nagra on my feet.

But if it goes off today to London instead

the Brits will be visible in boots,jackets and hats.

When I woke up suddenly by some noise,

I see Kolikata hasn’t gone anywhere  boys.