Daily Prompts: Shelf

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Book shelf Wikipedia image

How many times I remind me  a shelf should be used for books. In my house it means,  store anything you have from papers to pencils and what have you. Who does this? Ms. Nobody!

When I threaten any thing other than  books will be thrown away, they seem to disappear only to reappear a day or two later. How do I fix this problem, by continuously throwing away the items that do not look like books.

I think we have too many things, close to garbage day I need to put non-books in a garbage bag and toss them out. Will it work, I don’t know I can at least try. Will find out next week, if it works out. 🙂

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Projapoti Butterfly by Tagore Translation by Ranu

English: Agraulis vanillae butterfly.

English: Agraulis vanillae butterfly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning  I woke up,

and  noticed  a gorgeous butterfly on my shelf

its two motionless wings were spread out_

It was  silky green with white  stripes on its back,

It came in the evening

when it saw the light

all night it  thought

where am I

I don’t smell the woods,

the decorated house meant nothing to it.

It is a strange world we are in;

millions of minds

in the same world

know that we are passengers,

striving night and day

we have the same goal

to work for our freedom

in this world.

The butterfly sitting on that book

feels the touch

can see it too;

the truth about the book

is not true to it at all,

in the gloomy darkness.

It recognizes honey

but it will never know the mystery of honey.

It gets its food from floral leaves,

It looks for it daily

because it is greedy

it does not know

beyond greed,

there is indescribable beauty,

which is so dear__

that feeling is far away

from it.

Here I am,

my mind is busy sorting truth.

which cannot be taken away

I am looking for it above and beyond .

What is there

it does not know

that whatever is clear to my mind ,maybe it’s close

here now,right here

I go beyond the limits of my feeling

in search of beauty

its home is in the light

that light is unknown to me.