Daily Prompt : Shock

In response to one-word prompt : Shock

A Town Hit By Earthquake!

Sudden massive earthquake hit  a little town,

Hell is  breaking loose,’   said the foolish clown.

‘OMG,’ says the mayor,  ‘let us help those alive,

Count the men, women, and children for the food drive.’

Kathy , said, ‘Let us get together for this humane drive!’

……………………………………. 😦

Daily Prompt : Express

In response to daily prompt : Express

Caught between Express and Impress,

I put my mind in a terrible stress.

I tried my best to convey my thought,

My words jumbled and I sounded rot.

I took a short breath and tried to talk,

But the interviewer was in a shock.

On the paper he said, ‘Goodbye,’

Perhaps tomorrow give one more try!

…………………………………. 😦







Five sentence fiction: Envy

Lillie McFerrin Writes

They were two sisters, Geeta and Seeta, although Geeta was seven years older, she always criticized Seeta.

Seeta was fed up she once complained to her friend Nina  about her sister, Nina paid them a visit at their house, the moment she sat in their house, Geeta had nothing good to say about her sister.

Nina came home and thought about everything she was told by Geeta, she was in a quandary, she’d never heard anyone so critical about the younger sibling, the thought came to her suddenly, maybe she’s jealous of her sister.

Nina was ecstatic she figured out what was wrong, the following day she told her friend, “I know why your sister is mean to you, she is jealous of you.”

Seeta was in shock, “jealous, but why was all she could say?”