Daily Prompts: Modern Families

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If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?

If  it ever happens, the most shocking thing would be eating leftovers and warming them in the microwave oven. Back in the day, there was nothing left over after dinner. Whatever was left was given to the servants.

Food eaten one day to them loses its taste the following day. They were used to eat fresh food. They were not aware of frozen foods, they would have declined to eat frozen food.

In their time, there were no such thing as canned or frozen foods. They’d be shocked to eat preserved food.

Lot of changes have taken place in our eating habits, whether these are good or not so much is not easy to know. People live longer as compared to our ancestors, probably due to availability of better medication and physicians.

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DP Daily Prompt: We Can Be Taught Post by Ranu

Public Library

Public Library (Photo credit: MTSOfan)

Yes we can be taught a few things from others. I was always very shy in school.I did not make friends easily. I very seldom took the initiative of starting a conversation.This gave a wrong information to my classmates. They all thought I was very proud.

Once my classmate wanted to go to the public library with me. I was surprised. She never went to any library. I agreed. We went to the library.When we sat down with our books,she said, ‘ Chaman I want to tell you something’,I gave her a puzzled look. She continued,’Because you do not talk to anyone we all think you are a very conceited person,I even said on one occasion who does she think she is?’

I was shocked to hear this. I was thinking in my mind, ‘Why will they judge me like that?’ It is perhaps human nature to make their own conclusion without knowing a person.Then in London another classmate of mine remarked, ‘Sabeth ,you will never have enemies’,I asked him why? He said, ‘You hardly talk’. I replied, ‘You’ll be surprised’. I had to explain my experience in the university.

Some think I am quiet because I am proud. Others think I will never have enemies,I hardly speak. So from this it taught me two things,not everyone thinks I am vain. It also says people make up their mind without knowing someone.