365 days Writing Prompt: In Good Faith

Describe a memory or encounter in which you considered your faith,religion,, spirituality— or lack thereof for the first time.

It is not the first time I did it, but several times. I do it because I know for sure my belief in God will always help me.

I prayed for my daughter to pass a very important exam, It took me ten days to do it, there is a short prayer I have to repeat one hundred twenty five times, after completing I asked God to help my daughter to pass the exam. I strongly believe my prayer will be answered. 

I was very pleased my prayer was answered.


Writing Prompt: VIP

The VIP in my life is me. I make decisions, I do what needs to be done. I cook what I want to eat. Anything that requires some kind of discussion I decide. Sometimes I ask  someone who I trust, otherwise I do whatever I think. This is a short one as there is not much I can write about.

DP Daily Prompt: 21st century citizen Post by Ranu

Do I belong in this day and age? I don’t know. I am here in this age.It’s all the luck of the draw. Do I like it? There are some things I like and others I don’t know.

Every age has its advantages and disadvantages. I am happy to be in the present age. The other day I saw a car,it has features I didn’t see.I think it’s awesome. The car knows how to slow down,when the driver in front suddenly changes his/her mind. Backing out of the driveway or anywhere else is easier.

The food labels help us to know what we are consuming,the calorie count,how much sugar,salt are in there. So people who are concerned can be careful.

Recycling, taking care of the planet are in full swing,it was there before,but people were not so conscientious. Although the hole that exists,probably cannot be fixed,we know enough not to cause further damage.

Technology has improved so much,it is hard to keep up. Along with technology, there is a high risk for identity theft,which is a concern.

We will perhaps never have a perfect age,then all we can do is enjoy however long we are supposed to be here. I quote from a famous American,”You are here for a short time,stop and smell the roses”.