Daily prompts: He’s( She’s) So Fine

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What was it that drew you to your significant other? Their blue eyes? Their ginger countenance? Their smile? Their voice?

None of the above, I’d say to begin with. Actually mine was an arranged marriage, I therefore didn’t get the opportunity to know if his smile, voice, or ginger countenance was the reason why I chose him.

Blue eyed men or women I  haven’t seen in my world. They are in abundance in European or North American countries.

I was drawn to his world by his cousin’s wife. She knew me, when my husband’s parents asked her to help out. She must have wondered why her, why not his brothers or sister’s in-law.

She was given this job of go-between because she taught in a girl’s college, so there must be some eligible women around, it was a task she gladly accepted.

Somehow I showed up in her mind’s eye, without wasting any time she landed in the school where I was teaching.

To me she was an acquaintance, I saw her once or twice, I was completely baffled to see her. At first I didn’t know who she came to see. When she came to me directly and said, “Hey Ranu, how are you?”

I looked at her and queer thoughts ran in my mind, when was she more than an acquaintance to me? Why is she so friendly?

The time was not in my favor, I had to pretend I knew her well. Next thing she drew me aside and told me, she wanted to speak to me.

In the meantime my colleagues and my school principle were trying to find out who this strange woman was and why was she there?

She at once spit out why she had come to see me. Her question was whether I’d be interested to marry him.

If it was my old outspoken self I would have reacted differently, my mother’s constant reminders to behave myself popped its head, I was speechless. I told her to see my older sister. She wasted no time to get the ball rolling.

Within two weeks I got married, my husband took me to his village to meet his parents. My in-laws were delighted to see their favorite son married!