Fiction: Freedom

Lillie McFerrin Writes

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Simi and Sami were two siblings, they found out from their Mom and Dad,they’d have to leave their beautiful home and go to another country far away.

Simi was unhappy, she fussed a lot, she did not want to give up her friends and her favorite teacher, her brother who was a bit older did not mind moving away,he was thrilled with the idea of making new friends and going to a new school.

Suddenly their world turned upside down,their father announced,”they’ll have to leave immediately to be safe.”

Simi was terrified to know her friends will kill them, if they didn’t leave the house at once.

They spent more than three days hiding from the danger of getting killed, at last after three frightening days they reached their destination, Simi’s parents told her, “we are free now, no one will kill us!”