Why Do I Write

I write to improve my writing. I write to help my thought process flowing. My aim is to be able to write a story without thinking too much, what to write, but pick a topic and start writing, if I can successfully do it. I’d think I’m  improving my skills. I refuse to sit and think for an hour  about the topic at hand but to be able to write without any problems.

As I continue to write I want to  get the feeling, I have accomplished the skill. To me more I write better I feel, yes I agree I will make mistakes, I want to tell myself it’s a natural process which is why I must edit my writing.

Writing helps my brain to function properly, I do not want my brain to become rusty because I’m under using it. It also helps my memory to stay sharp.

Daily Prompt: Dear Leader

pad2015-s1.png (308×60)

If your government ( local or national)  accomplishes one thing this year, what would you like that to be?

Unemployment is beginning to be a huge problem in our province. Too many people are losing their jobs, these same people have families to feed, mortgage to pay and various other things.

If these people are losing their jobs because of redundancy, then they should be encouraged to focus on some skills that are useful to get a job. The government needs to train these people in specific fields to enable them to get jobs. Right now I think this is very important.