Daily Prompt : Slight

In response to prompt : Slight

The Slight Child!

In form, face and height, she looked slight,

She knew how to push the cart with her might.

Within a meager minute her temper reached its height,

‘Stop,’ said Dad, ‘or I’ll leave you here,’

But the spoilt little kid didn’t care,

Frustrated Dad walked to the door,

Big sister, ‘yelled don’t cry any more.’

Who lost who won is pretty hard to tell,

Out the door I went for I didn’t feel well!

…………………………………….. 🙂



Daily Prompt :Superficial

In response to daily prompt :  Superficial

Last March we had a wind storm, there was only a superficial damage at one corner of the house, The strong wind blew off part of the siding in one corner of our house. Even though it was a minor damage. Aesthetically it ruined the look of the house.

Passersby often pointed out that  a slight damage to one corner of the house spoiled its outward appearance.

I called the company to take care of it, but the manager was in no hurry, each time I called he told me he’d look after it, next week. Several weeks passed I didn’t hear from anyone in that company.

I complained that  by the time they come to do the work, it would be winter. I got in touch with the adjuster via email, she forwarded my email to the supervisor. A day later they called me, and assured me they will start the work.

After five and a  half months, the workers came, pulled off the old siding of the house and replaced it with new. There were two conscientious workers, they told me they’d complete the work in five days and they almost did, but  they ran out of a piece of material and had to  come back one more day to finish the work.

Now the neighbors will no longer complain about the damaged corner which truly was an eyesore!

………………………………. 🙂


Writing Prompt: Choose your adventure

One day I decided to walk alone as far as I could walk in Sylhet (Bangladesh). My journey took me to a variety of places. I stopped in front of a shop where people were going in and out to buy I don’t know what. I was curious I walked slowly I was looking for a slight opening to get in and see what is this thing everyone is excited about. Luckily I found a spot where a woman left hoping to get back later. I took the opportunity and inched my way in, I heard a bunch of people holding a strange thing,I couldn’t really figure out the thing,the voices were getting louder, the seller kept raising his price.I thought to myself I must know what it is and maybe I will buy it.

Evening was approaching fast,the man hadn’t been able to sell his precious thing. I went close to him and was surprised to see an ordinary rock.Why would all these people be so anxious to get hold of this rock was puzzling me. I wouldn’t even pay a dime for it,someone in the crowd heard this and told the owner what he had overheard. There was a huge commotion they all glared at me,I wasn’t scared at all I glared back at them. One of them said,”Hey you cheeky fellow,how did you get in here?”

I looked at him and replied, “I got in the same way you did what’s the big deal.”

He pushed me and told me to get lost.  I knew I was there to stay and get that piece of rock even if I had to stay there for a long time.I was looking for a way to get close to the owner of the rock. I started feeling uneasy as if someone was piercing a hole on my back with her look,frightened I turned back,there she was with an evil smile looking at me.

What do you want I said, almost feeling guilty. She turned around and walked away. Something happened to me,was it her piercing look or did she put some kind of spell on me. I lost my interest in that rock and came out. The sun was shining bright I was hungry,a vendor was passing by with a load full of oranges. I bought one and sat under the shade of a tree eating my orange.

I was lost in my thoughts I didn’t want to go anywhere but stay put right where I was. Then the most magical thing happened…

Readers!  Would you like to give your own ending to my story? Please try!

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