Daily Prompts: Fright Night

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What’s the last thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?

Winter to me can be very scary, the blizzard, ice on the pavement, driveway and  streets; keeps me from going out. I’m contented to stay home, rather than walk on ice.

The news on the radio about slippery roads and that the citizens should be careful, frightens me. My biggest fear is falling and breaking my arms or legs, this fear in me is the reason why I prefer to stay  indoors.

I cannot believe there is anything that can possibly make me walk on ice unassisted.

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DP Daily Prompts: Autumn Leaves

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Changing colors,dropping temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes; do these mainstays of fall fill your heart with warmth— or with dread?

After an extremely hot summer, fall is a welcome change, the temperatures cool off , the leaves change into a variety of colors, all this is a pleasant sight for a little while,but when the leaves fall on the ground, the bare branches of trees, immediately reminds me winter is ready to change its place with fall.

This is the time it is scary. the early snowfall in November, transforms nature into a white blanket of snow everywhere, on trees, on the ground on the roofs of houses, on the streets, children have a wonderful time playing with this free plaything.

Then it starts to be dreadful, the short days, the strong wind and heaps and heaps of snow, covering everything is no longer a happy sight, with doorways, driveways packed with snow, the task of removing the white stuff is an ordeal, no one enjoys.

The slippery roads, the unploughed streets makes moving hazardous. are a   characteristic feature of winter and I do not enjoy fall because I know winter is not far behind.

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/09/21/dp-daily-prompts-autumn-leaves


DP Daily Prompt: Six of one and half a Dozen of the other Post by Ranu


snowplough (Photo credit: freefotouk)

I am sorry to see the long Summer days leaving us.

Now what will follow is something I shudder to think, ‘WINTER’.I can see cold hard winter days in my future. I’ll no longer see the lush green lawns,colorful flowers, birds of all variety adorning my patio.

It will be replaced by mountains of snow,slippery streets,bare trees,snowstorms, People clothed from head to foot in huge parkas to protect themselves from cold wind.We’ll be busy buying hat,coat,gloves and scarves. What is worse is the transportation,the cars will have to be equipped with winter tires.Driving will be a chore.

The most inconvenient thing we have to face is the snow plows dumping hard rock- like snow in front of our driveway. I’ll have to stay home most days,I am terrified of falling on the ice.

I wish I could convince ‘Summer’ to stay longer. It is something I cannot hope. Changing of seasons is a natural phenomenon. I will have to be satisfied thinking, ‘Summer’ will come again, I have to be patient!