Daily Prompt: Slur

In response to daily post’s  one-word prompt : Slur

I’ve had the experience of coming into contact with little babies and toddlers. Though not all, there are some who speak unclearly. I have no idea what causes this, I know their speech gets clearer as they grow up.

One of my cousins had trouble with the ‘K,’  sound  he’d either replace it with an ‘H’ or a ‘T’. Years later I saw him, I was amazed his problem with the sound of ‘K’ had disappeared.

Curious as I always was I said, ‘hey Sanu, how did you learn the sound of ‘K?’

He told me when he went to school his teacher recognized his problem, who made him say, ‘K’ pointing the sound comes from the throat, the teacher asked him to  pronounce the,  ‘K’ sound  after him, my cousin watched him and then imitated the teacher by repeatedly making the  ‘K’ sound , until he learned not to say ‘H’ but ‘K.’ I thought it was interesting. His teacher was not a ‘Speech Therapist,’  but what he was able to do was remarkable.