Daily Prompt : Snack

In response to the prompt : Snack

  A Snack is not dinner!

One day Mr. Ismail had a guest for dinner. As soon as the guest came, Mr. Ismail received a call  for an urgent business. He had no alternative but to leave his guest in the house, while he went to take care of his business

Before leaving he instructed his servant to serve dinner to his guest. The servant was full of enthusiasm, he cooked a delicious meat dish which he served with a kind of tortilla fried in butter.

The guest loved the food, son after he took a nap.

Mr. Ismail came home and apologized  for leaving his guest alone  to eat dinner . He then asked, ‘Did you enjoy your dinner?’

The guest replied, ‘I did not eat dinner,  I  had a snack.’

Mr. Ismail was furious, he  called his servant and said, ‘I told you to serve him dinner, not a snack.’

He ordered the servant to serve dinner, the servant served the fried tortillas with meat, Mr. Ismail was hungry he invited his friend to have dinner. They enjoyed the delicious meal.

After the meal he thanked his servant for cooking such a delicious meal. He then turned around and asked his friend, ‘Did you enjoy the dinner?’

The friend replied,  ‘I enjoyed eating the snack again!’

Mr. Ismail’s friend was from Bengal, the staple food for Bengalis is rice not  tortilla.  They eat rice at noon and at night. If you serve them chapatis instead of rice they think, they ate a snack, or a light meal!

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