Daily Prompt : Solitary

In response to daily prompt : Solitary

A Solitary Town

tiny place with seven thousand people,

Solemn and friendly stands the church steeple.

Oh the CO-OP is the place to buy groceries,

Long live our supermarket there is no worries.

I‘m  sure the citizens appreciate this store,

There is none better than this one I am sure.

food inspector comes to check the fresh food,

Rarely will he find stuff  that will change his mood.

Yes everything from food to toiletries are in good shape,

This store is famous for its very own scotch tape.

Oh believe me,  such a fine store does exist,

When you visit this place you’ll be proud I insist.

No  one who comes here is disappointed!

………………………………….. 🙂



Tagore song: tumi shondhar o megh o mala,singer Srikanto,Translated by Ranu

You are evenings ray of clouds

You I worship

My boundless sky

I gathered the sweetness from my heart

And created you

You are mine,you are mine

My boundless sky

You are evenings ray of clouds

You I worship

I have painted your feet

Crimson red with my blood

Oh evenings dreamy sky

I have drawn your lips

with the mixture of sweetness and

bitterness of my life

you are mine

My solitary soul

You are evenings ray of clouds

My incomprehensible dream

I have dressed your charming eyes

I have wrapped my music

in every part of your body

You are mine, you are mine

Oh my boundless sky

You I worship!!



Akaashpradeep Skylight by Tagore,Translation by Ranu

Light in the night (Castelldefels)

Light in the night (Castelldefels) (Photo credit: jcarlosn)

On the dark shore of the river Indus,the solitary girl

floated the boat of light and looked up in the sky.

She knows her Mother has gone to heaven__

she will row the boat of light and come towards the house.

The world has countless people,innumerable are their route,

so many strange lands and unknown hills__

in the middle, there in the small corner of a house

is it visible there lives a brother and a sister?

Their mother moves around looking for them in the dark,

roams around between the stars,loses her way in the vacant sky?

the daughter left one light__

mother would recognize that one light from far away.

She will visit them in their sleep  to give a kiss

to the two orphans lying in bed at night.