Hindi song: Posted and translated by Ranu

In your world it is better

to die than to live.

Tears and sighs are widespread

No matter where my heart leads me.

I wish there was  a home where I could find love.

Unfortunately all I see are cheerless faces,

The same sorrow and despair,

wherever my travel takes me.

“O ruler of the sky, tell me how bad will it be,

to send a few gales of happiness,this way!”

……………………………. 🙂



Hindi song: Mais zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya, posted and translated by Ranu

This is a song from a  Bollywood, Hindi movie, in the movie Dev Anand does the lip-synching. He was an actor who appeared in countless movies. The words or lyrics of the song tells the story of Dev Anand’s life. A few days ago I heard this song after a long time. I liked the lyrics so much, I thought it probably tells us to be  prepared for anything in life, happiness and  sadness are a part of life.

The following is my translation of the song:

I went along with life performing whatever I faced

I blew my fears away like a puff of smoke,

I realized it was useless to feel sorry for disappointments,

I treated my sorrows as a festival, and laughed it off.

I blew my fears away like a puff of smoke.

Whatever I got from life I acknowledged it as my fate.

I blocked my mind from remembering , whatever I lost.

I took my  heart to  a place,

Where there was  no difference between sorrow and happiness!

………………………………….. 🙂



Daily Prompt: Doubters Alert

pad2015-s1.png (308×60)

What commonly accepted truth (or “truth”) do you think is wrong, or at least seriously  doubt? Why?

I would think if someone is guilty of a crime, he/ she will be a criminal forever.This I believe  is a commonly accepted truth.

Iqbal the poet and Philosopher explains how Man possesses the capacity to change, ‘Evil into Good.’

To begin with , we have to recognize that every great religious system starts with certain presuppositions, concerning the nature of Man and the Universe:

1.In Buddhism : it is believed : There is pain in Nature: and Man regarded as an individual , is Evil.

2. Christianity: There is Sin in Nature; and the taint of Sin natural to Man.

3. Zoroastrianism: There is struggle in Nature; Man is the mixture of struggling forces,and is free to range himself on the side of the powers of Good which shall eventually prevail.

The questions now are :1. What is the Muslim view of the Universe and Man; 2. What is the system?

We know Sin, Pain,and Sorrow are constantly mentioned in the Quran.The truth is Islam looks upon the Universe as a reality, consequently recognizes as reality all that is in it.

Sin ,Pain,Sorrow and struggle are certainly real.Islam teaches that Evil is not essential to the universe. The universe can be reformed and the elements of Sin and Evil can be gradually eliminated. All that is in the Universe belongs to God.And the seemingly destructive forces of Nature become sources of life, if properly controlled by Man.

When Man is endowed with so much potential, surely it should be easy for him to transform himself into a good human being.

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Tagore song: Phire phire

blished on 6 Dec 2012

ফিরে ফিরে ডাক্‌ দেখি রে পরান খুলে, ডাক্‌ ডাক্‌ ডাক্‌ ফিরে ফিরে ।
দেখব কেমন রয় সে ভুলে ।।
সে ডাক বেড়াক বনে বনে, সে ডাক শুধাক জনে জনে,
সে ডাক বুকে দুঃখে সুখে ফিরুক দুলে ।।
সাঁঝ-সকালে রাত্রিবেলায় ক্ষণে ক্ষণে
একলা ব’সে ডাক্‌ দেখি তায় মনে মনে ।
নয়ন তোরই ডাকুক তারে, শ্রবণ রহুক পথের ধারে

Turn around and keep calling,

Will see how he can  forget you.

Let the call roam around in the woods,

let each one inquire about the call

let that call oscillate in your heart

in  sorrow and in  happiness.

In the evening, at night, each moment,

Sit alone and call in your mind.

Let your eyes call him,

let your hearing remain,

on the side of the road.

………………………….. 🙂

Megh bolechhe jabo(Cloud said,I will go) Tagore song Translated and posted by Ranu

Cloud said: ‘I will go ,I will go’ .

Night said:’I am leaving.’

Ocean said: ‘the shore

is found,

I am not needed anymore.’

Cloud said: ‘I will go I will go.’

Sorrow says:’I stay quiet,

and remain as a symbol.’

I said: ‘I unite,I do not

want anything else.’

Earth says: ‘you have

wreath of flowers.’

Sky says: ‘you light

hundred thousand lights!’

Love says: ‘for you I stay

awake age after age.’

Death says: I

steer your lifeboat!’


Tagore Song Sung by Lopamudra translated and posted by Ranu posted by Ranu

In Bengali the word shoi means a female friend. This word is repeated several times in the song.

The poet tells his female friend,like her he also wants to talk about his inner feeling.

He says O my friend I wish to talk about my inner feeling like you.

Sitting with your feet spread out in the corner,

you talk to each other’s ear,

sometimes you cry,sometimes laugh.

I sit and watch you!

O friend O my friend,

like you I wish to express my feeling.

O friend you have your inner feeling,

where is mine?

What am I going to say about her,

which happiness or which sorrow,

I don’t have words,I have nothing to say,

still I feel the desire to talk ceaselessly.

O friend I am surprised to think,

you have so much to talk about.

I sit alone in the evening,

with eyes full of tears,

if someone asks the reason for my tears,

I stay quiet.

O friend,O my friend,

like you I wish to express my feelings!

Tagore song by Deb Biswas Translation and posted by Ranu

Cloud said I will go,I will go.

Night said I am going.

Ocean said great,

I am no more.

Sorrow said I stay quiet

as his footprint.

I say,I join them together

I want nothing else.

Earth says,you have the welcome garland,

the sky says I will light up

millions of lights.

Love says I am awake for you

in every age.

Death says

I row your life’s boat.

Cloud said I will go ,I will go.

Bisharjan Relinquishment by Tagore translated by ranu


Reincarnation (Photo credit: GrahamKing)

Bisharjan by Rabindranath Tagore

Two young sons died one after another

they were less than two years old.

When another son was born this time

Mollika’s husband died too. Friends

explained ,in her former life there were too many sins,

which is why there is so much pain and sorrow.

The grieving woman submissively acknowledged

her sins in her previous life

and attentively devoted to sacrifice.  from temple to temple

here and there,the villages she went around offering her prayer;

voluntarily started fasting,offered water to gods and daily worship

spent her time in the temple.

She tied an amulet in her hair which she picked up;

listened to the words from Ramayan; visited the religious people

and invited them to come to her home and bless the son.

she called herself the lowliest of all

she looked for kindness from everyone,

she was kind to animals,birds and the like

was afraid somehow she might offend them.

When the child was a year and a half

he became ill ,she

made an offering to deities

she prayed day and night for her son

she sold everything to please the deity

so her son would recover

she went to the Brahmin for her son,

he told her,’my child people are not honest anymore

this is the age when honesty is gone.’

Wherever she went she was told she has no hope

home she came dejected,all the days of sacrifice came to nothing

she took her  very sick son to the pond

and prayed to the gods to relieve his fever.

there she was meditating eyes shut

she dreamt the goddess returned her healthy son

she opened her eyes and found the son was taken

away by the river;she screamed to get back her son.

but all was quiet and her screaming brought no result.