Writing prompt: Whoa

Yes I did have the most surreal experience in Malta. We, my whole class went to Malta for teaching practice. We were required to go to a Non-English speaking community for teaching practice.

We met some fine,friendly Maltese who were always ready to help. One of the Maltese girls knew an American. He was there with the sixth fleet. She made arrangement with him to take some of us there. I mean inside the sixth fleet.

At about 9 am we gathered to meet him. He took us for a ride in his speed boat and also to show the massive boat. Going there in a speed boat wasn’t easy for me ,I was giddy all along, I wasn’t able to enjoy the scenery,I couldn’t lift my head.

But when we set foot on that boat we were overwhelmed by what we saw. There were thousands of people working there. Our host showed us the fighter planes and all sorts of equipment. We had a great time asking questions and our host a very pleasant gentleman answered all our questions.

Coming back to shore was another terrible experience for me, I was sick and was relieved when we finally got off the boat.

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