Daily Prompt: History of Language

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Write a piece of fiction describing the incident that gave rise to the phrase, “third time’s the charm.” ūüôā

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“Third Time’s The charm.”

Hebert a wood cutter, went into a nearby forest to bring some logs to heat his little hut. He carried his axe and the other things he needed in his wheelbarrow. As he walked along the path to the forest, he was stopped by a man who wanted to know where he could get an axe just like his. Hebert was unhappy, the man had taken too much of his time with small talk, the clouds in the sky threatened to pour moisture any moment. Disgusted he turned around and headed home.

At home his wife was waiting for the wood. The empty wheelbarrow annoyed her, she at once started to accuse him of laziness. Hebert was in no mood to explain why he came back without the wood.

It was cold that night,Hebert learned a lesson,he must never try to talk to any passersby while he was going to take care of an important job.

Next morning he went along the same path ignoring everyone he met, singing a very merry tune. He heard a groan followed by a loud noise, at first he could not figure out where the noise came from, he boldly went ahead, what he saw frightened him, there were two black bears fighting with each other over a dead deer. Both wanted all  parts of the deer to himself .

Hebert thought it best to return home, he had no desire to face two angry bears. His wife was waiting for him for the much needed wood, seeing the empty wheelbarrow for the second day in a row, made her absolutely crazy, she yelled, she cried, she swore, but Hebert took it in strides, he believed it was no use confronting an angry spouse. Dejected he went to sleep without eating anything.

He had a strange dream that night. In his dream he saw a woman who looked like an Angel, “Hebert, she said, “I understand what you’re going through, do not give up,go back to the woods tomorrow you will see what you want to see.”

This was his third  morning,  Hebert, dressed up had a pot of juice, and went on his way to get the wood he was struggling to get the past two days.

On his way, he met a jovial clown who said, “I really wish you good fortune today!”

Hebert was delighted, may be this will be a bright day for him.

Hebert was ecstatic, he was smiling as he walked along the path leading to the woods, there above him he saw scores of mynahs on the branch of a tree saying: ” Hello Hebert, are you going to chop some wood in the forest for your little hut, you will see what you will see?”

Hebert did not know what to think, what was he going to see was disturbing him. He walked about a mile, what he saw ¬†totally baffled him. Lined up ¬†in front of him were a group of elves with carts full of chopped up wood. They were arguing with each other to give their cart full ¬†to the nice stranger.One of them sang in his loudest voice,” Third Time’s the Charm, Third Time’s the Charm, You know Hebert,Third Time’s the Charm, fill up your wheelbarrow and take it to your good wife, she’s waiting Hebert, do not delay!”

Hebert was so happy he cried, he told himself he will always remember , “Third Time’s the Charm!”

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DP Daily Prompt: I want to know what Love Is

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We each have many types of love relationships— parents ,children, spouses, friends. And they are not always with people; you may love an animal or a place. Is there a single idea or definition that runs through all the varieties of “love”?

I think love is a very powerful feeling it’s a deep affection for an ¬†animal, place,plant, or people. It’s the kind of feeling you have when you are busy doing something, suddenly you jump up because you realize you did not water your plant, or forgot to feed your cat or failed to call your friend.

In this age of technology there are so many ways of remembering your near and dear ones. If your feeling is not deep enough, you will not run to water that plant or feed your pet, or send an email or call your friend to know how he /she is.

My definition would be a deep rooted feeling for a friend, an animal , a place, a child, spouse or even a plant.


DP Daily Prompt: I Want to know What love Is post by Ranu

Yes, I have loved humans different ways. There was my father whom I loved dearly.There was no condition attached to it.I loved him for who he was,the care he gave us. He loved us all unconditionally.We didn’t have to excel in anything. We were his children and that was good enough.

Then came my siblings, I liked them but did not really loved them,my elders were too demanding,I did not appreciate their interference. It always seemed to me I had to meet certain standards.I could not handle it.My affection for them depended on their behaviour towards me.

When it came to the spouse, I did my duty. Sometimes he was very nice,other times he was not. His siblings were always interfering and he took their side more than he did mine. This was a different kind of love.

Then came my three children,I loved them as a mother would.There too I had my frustration and it was as if they were judging me all along,who I loved the most.The youngest one had to be disciplined more than the other two.She was the most difficult to deal with.

Then came the cats,I really loved them.I knew they loved me unconditionally. Thursday was always on the look out for me, if she didn’t see me she cried. I found it easier to love the three,they did not complain.If the food I gave was not their favourite they’d turn around and leave. Thursday loved to jump up on the couch,if she found me lying down.

Yes in life we all meet different people,some are easy to deal with,others are not. It is hard to balance ones emotion when things are tough. Two of my children hardly think about me,they are on their own.They do not need me and they’re happy doing that.

Sometimes to me love means how much I can give and if I am unable to satisfy the near and dear ones I am constantly coming into contact   with,their love goes out the window.

Daily Post, Daily Prompt: Trading Places

I cannot recall ever wondering, what it would be like to be a member of the opposite sex for a day. I grew up with several brothers. I was not very thrilled to watch, how each one behaved. I thought to them it’s me first and forget about the rest.Then the time came when my eldest brother ¬†tied the knot. It was dreadful ,he gave us the impression it was he and his better half and the rest of them can get lost. It was so unbearable,my eldest sister made me aware of the famous words,”A son is a son,till he gets a wife; a daughter is a daughter all her life”.

It is interesting to note that now I am given a chance to trade places. Life certainly will not be a ‘Bed of Roses’,I think. I’ll assume ¬†to be the the eldest in the family. There will be constant nagging from the wife,complaining about the sisters,younger brothers and the mother-in-law. My mother is making her cook and do the dishes.My sisters do their own thing and ignores the wife. Mom is always reminding me of my responsibilities towards the family,because I am the eldest. I have to be more sympathetic towards ¬†the spouse or she will make my life miserable. So if she complains about the sisters,immediately I’ll have to take them to task,to keep the wife happy.If she refuses to cook,I’ll have to volunteer to cook,to make her happy. Mom in the meantime will be watching, how I am doing as a son,brother,and a husband. I am not doing a good job.I am only trying to be nice to the spouse and in doing so I have made others angry.

By trading places I can visualize how difficult it is to maintain peace and tranquility in my domestic life. Just by writing this I have learned how difficult the life of a male member is. ‘Hey I am elated I do not have to deal with it daily.So dear brother I don’t want to be in your shoes.’