DP Daily Prompt: Make it Count

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You’ve been given the opportunity to send one message to one person you wouldn’t normally have access to(for example: the President, Kim K ardashian, a coffee grower in Ethiopia). Who’s the person you choose, and what is the message?

We hear and read about the President and Kim Kardashian often, but about the coffee grower very seldom or not at all.

I’d choose a coffee grower simply because coffee is a beverage consumed by many all over the world. I’m interested to know about their life as a coffee grower and also I’m eager to know about the coffee beans itself , their economy, profits etc.

The following is my dialogue with a coffee grower in Ethiopia.

Ranu: Who were the first people who recognized coffee in your country?

Coffee Grower: Ehiopian nomadic mountain people were the first people to recognize coffee’s stimulating effect,they did not drink it, they ate the red cherries.

Ranu: Do you know who spread coffee throughout the Middle East?

Coffee Grower: Oh yes we all know it, it was the mystic Sufi pilgrims of Islam who spread coffee throughout the Middle East, from there it spread to Europe and then throughout their colonial empire including Indonesia and the Americas.

Ranu: Why did the price of coffee plummet in 2003?

Coffee Grower: Economic poverty and social conflicts was the main cause.

Ranu: What can you tell me about Arabica coffee?

Coffee Grower: Arabica coffee or jasminum arabicum laurifolia, has always grown wild in the forests of the southwestern highlands of the Kaffa and Buno districts.

Ranu: What is the total are covered by Arabica Coffee?

Coffee Grower: The total area covered by Arabica and other types of coffee is about 400,000 hectares.

Ranu: What is the total production of coffee annually?

Coffee grower: Total coffee production is about 200,00 tonnes of clean coffee per year.

Ranu: Do you still grow coffee in Ethiopia’s mountain forests?

Coffee Grower: Yes, we cultivate coffee in four different systems, which include forest coffee, semi-forest coffee,garden coffee, and plantation coffee.

Ranu: Is Ethiopia the largest coffee producer?

Coffee Grower: It is the third largest coffee producer.

Ranu: How would you describe Ethiopian coffee?

Coffee Grower: It is the most popular coffee origins in the world.

Ranu: In average how much does an Ethiopian coffee grower earn in a year.

Coffee Grower: It’s about US 900 dollars.

Ranu: Thank you, I have learned a lot from you.

Coffee Grower: Do you like our coffee?

Ranu: I’m sorry I drink coffee very seldom, my daughter loves it,especially the Arabica Coffee.




Fire of Music by Tagore Sung by Pratima Mukhopadhay Translated by Ranu

You have attached the fire of

Music in my heart

This fire has spread everywhere

Everywhere everywhere

On all  the branches of dead trees

This fire is dancing

At the beat of this music

To whom in the sky

Is it extending its hands

You have attached the fire of

Music in my heart

The stars in the dark sky

Are struck with wonder

What kind of crazy wind is blowing

On a clear midnight sky

What suddenly blossomed

The golden lotus has blossomed

Who knows what kind of

Charm the fire has

You have attached the fire of

Music in my heart!




tagore song tumi je shurer agun you have touched the fire of music by Tagore translated and post by ranu

You have touched the fire of music

in my heart.

This fire is spread everywhere.

It is dancing between those

dead tree branches.

Who is it pointing  to in the sky.

In the dark  the stars are watching

with surprise.

From where is the crazy

wind blowing?

At midnight a flower


O it is a gold waterlily.

Who knows how much

power the fire has!