365 Writing Prompts: No you see me

You have a secret superpower: the ability to appear and disappear at will. When and where will you use this new superpower?Tell us a story.

I know I have a secret superpower, I can appear and disappear whenever I want to. I wasn’t sure how I’d use this power.

I was curious to know how this power of mine can be useful, keeping this in mind I went to a drug store to get some face cream for me. While checking the different brands, I noticed two little boys in front of the shelf of chocolates, are they trying to steal some was the thought that struck me?

Immediately I used my power of disappear and landed close to them, I overheard the boys  telling each other, “you let me know when someone’s coming,so I can pick a couple of these delicious chocolates and put them in my pocket, we will share them when we’re out.”

It was time for me to appear in front of the boys before they stole the chocolates, Hi I said, aren’t these chocolates delicious, will you buy some?

No one of them said and both turned around to leave, I knew they were disappointed but I felt relieved I stopped them from stealing, as they were about to leave I talked to them about chocolates and told them the dark chocolates were good for health, the boys were happy to let me know which ones they liked and dark ones were too bitter they didn’t like them.

I volunteered to buy some dark and some milk chocolates, we will taste them and find out which ones were delicious and the ones not so good. I bought a mixture of chocolates and invited them to sit on the nearby bench and taste them. The boys were delighted they’d be able to eat some chocolates and discuss which ones were  tastier.

I let the boys taste most of the chocolates, I only broke two small pieces to taste, it was not really about the taste it was me trying to be friendly with the boys.

When the the chocolates were eaten and we gave our verdict about which ones were tastier I stood up to leave, one of them said, ” thank you so much for letting us eat the chocolates, we were craving for chocolates today,we wanted to steal some, we are so glad you showed up you stopped us from stealing.”

I gave each a hug and told them I was proud of them!

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/12/02/365-writing-pr…-no-you-see-me

DP Daily Prompt: New Sensation

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

I am completely overwhelmed by all the choices in front of me. I have seen all of them, but I never tried any of them. It is not because I am some extraordinary person and wouldn’t care about what was fashionable.

I grew up  away from all types of fashions that existed around the world. We had two kinds of dresses. One was called Shalwar Kamiz; the other one was Sari.

Our population were not behind as far as the word fashion goes. So this is how they changed the same dresses in  different ways. Let me write about Shalwar Kamiz;  Shalwar I would say resembles slightly like trousers or pants. This is how the style changes in a shalwar, they (tailors) widen or make the bottom narrow;   Kamiz which is almost like a shirt; is sometimes reaching your ankle and then it goes slightly below the knee or even above the knee. They used to leave the sleeves of the shirt by keeping it down to the wrist; now it is sleeveless or short sleeve.

The next is Sari: they tried to wear the sari below the knee,it didn’t pan out well because it looked ridiculous and spoiled the look of this graceful dress. So they’ve left  alone the length. Instead they fiddle with the blouse. The blouse nowadays are so short it makes no sense to wear them. The blouse sleeves are short ,long,or three quarters. The neck line is too wide which I think does not look that great. This is all about fashion .Next is how do I deal with it.

When I went to Dhaka , I took some fabric with me to get some blouses made. I had a terrible experience,I showed what I wanted, the tailor who was interested in how much material he could steal made the blouses short and ugly. I thought our tailors stitched beautiful blouses, not anymore they’re too busy stealing as much as they can.

This is all I know about fashion in Dhaka!   Pictures from wikipedia


Women_of_Puducherry.jpg (2261×1696)

NaBloPoMo Nov.6 song “Humko Humise chura lo”translation by ranu https://sabethville.wordpress.com

Humko humise churalo–Steal me from myself

dil mein kahin tum chhupalo— Hide me somewhere in your heart.

Hum akele kho na jaaye—- I might be lost if  alone.

door tumsay ho na jaaye — I might be far away from you.

Paas Aao galey sey lagalo—- Come closer and hug me.

Humko humise chura lo—- steal me from myself.

dil mein kahin tum chhupa lo— Hide me somewhere in your heart.

hum akele kho na jaaye— I might be lost if  alone.

door tumsey ho na jaaye—– I might be far away  from you.

paas Aao gale sey laga lo— come closer and hug me.

Yeh dil dhadka do—       Make my heart beat faster.

Zulfen bikhra doh—- let your hair loose.

Sharmake apna —- Bashfully

Aanchal lehra doh— wave the edge of your garment.

Hum zulfen toh bikhra dey, I can let my hair loose but

Din mein raat na ho jaaye— the day might turn into night.

Hum aanchal toh lehra dey—  I may wave the edge of my garment

English: Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar

English: Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

par barsaat na ho jaaye—      but it might begin to rain.

honay do barsatein    —– let it rain

karni hain kuch batein—- I have to talk to you.

Humko humise chura lo—-steal me from myself.

dil mein kahin tum chhupa lo— hide me in your heart.

hum akele kho na jaaye—I might be lost if  alone.

Door tum sey ho na jaaye  — I might be far away from you.

Paas Aao galey say laga lo—- come closer and hug me.

Tumpe marte hain—     I will die without you.

hum mar jayenge—I will die

Yeh sab kehte hain—- they all say this.

Hum kar jayenge—-I will actually do it.

chutki bhar sindoor sey tum— with a pinch of the red powder,

ab yeh maang zara bhar doh—fill my parting hair.

kal kya ho kisney dekha— who knows what tomorrow brings.

sab kuch aaj abhi kar do— do everything right now.

paas aao gale sey laga lo— Come closer and hug me

hona ho sab raazi—- everyone agrees or not

dil raazi,rab raazi— my heart and God agrees.

Paas Aao gale sey laga lo—-come closer and hug me!

humko humise chura lo—- steal me from myself.

dil mein kahin tum chhupa lo— hide me somewhere in your heart.

hum akele kho na jaaye— I might be lost alone

door tumsey ho na jaaye—I might be far away from you.

Paas Aao gale sey laga lo—- come closer and hug me.

Above is the lyrics of the song,I translated it.It is a Bollywood movie of the nineties. The female voice was Lata Mangeshkar’s and male voice was Uddit Narayan’s. The language is Hindi.

Nazrulgeeti by Rafi Post and Bangla translation by Ranu

Mohammed Rafi

Mohammed Rafi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Untie your hair my dear,

this is where my heart is captured.

Your charming hair with

its metallic ribbon

has made my blind love helpless.

When the scent of your hair

enticed humans to come secretly

you fainted and collapsed on the hand

and locked up on the arm.

You kept the heart,

attached to those earrings,

turned away your eyes,

and let me steal.

You  came for a stroll,

in the confines of the body,

and never went back.

Untie your hair,

this is where my heart is captured.

This is a song written by Kazi Nazrul Islam. He used Bengali and Urdu in the lyrics. I didn’t know he could be so funny. I tried my best to translate this . It may not sound funny in English,but I laughed a lot while I was translating it.