Writing Prompt: Bedtime Stories

My favorite story book was Cinderella and her two horrible step sisters and her step mother. I always wondered how anyone can be so mean.

It was a fairy tale I knew but in real life these things happen too, when the father remarries and ignores the first wife’s kid.

There were things in the story that taught me to be fair to everyone,never to treat someone poorly, to be kind and unselfish.

The right stories do teach   children early in life why it’s a bad idea to be mean.


Hindi Movie Review Post by Ranu

The name of the movie is Jyoti.It is made in Bollywood.There are some fine actors in this movie.The problem here is the same old story of step mother’s treatment towards,the step son.I am not sure how a two year old can survive all that opium mixed with his milk daily. I am not a physician,but the question does arise in my mind,how this is being done to an infant and the father doesn’t have a clue.

There are too many villains in this movie.The step mother,her helper,then the step mother’s son and his evil friends.The movie is crowded with evil people,yet the man of the house is totally unaware of all this. The victim i.e the son of the previous wife gets married to a beautiful woman,who magically changes the crazy man into a sane human being.

The movie is full of violence,I don’t think it is necessary. It is not a good one to be shown to younger generation. In a world full of violence in real life.The producer and directors can help a lot by not having so much violence in their movies.

I watched the movie on youtube because of my two favourite actors.