The Daily Post Prompt : Storm

In response to daily post’s one word prompt : Storm

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In Dhaka (Bangladesh) one afternoon my classmate and I were stuck in the university, because of an unexpected  cyclone that hit the city  that day. We were not sure how long we’d have to wait,  we were  impatient and boldly stepped out of the building, there were no rickshaws available that day, our only recourse was to walk.

When we stepped out  of the building the male students tried to warn  us it was not a good idea, we ignored their warning  and continued walking, we were dressed in a sari, the wind was getting stronger and at times we felt we may be blown away. Every time a strong gust of wind blew we were pinned to the ground and waited for the crazy wind to take a breather.

From the campus we walked on  the main road, there were no vehicles visible , only us  the crazy lunatics trying to fight the wind and walk onward,  we took one step forward and  were pushed several steps backward. This was how we were moving ,  until we came to the corner where our residence was located.There was still a nice bit of pavement for us to walk to reach our residence. The storm was relentless, the thought that a sudden gust of wind might blow us off our feet and drop us on the busy road frightened us we stopped hoping the storm would be calmer and we’d reach our residence safely.

As we stopped and wondered our next move, I saw a white car stop beside the road,driving the car was a gentleman whom neither of us knew. The man was calling us, we ignored him and took  few short steps forward, suddenly  a woman’s  smiling face appeared urging us to get into the car. This gave us hope that it was safe to get the ride, we walked over, the man’s angry voice thundered,  “You shouldn’t be walking in this storm, now get in and let me know where you’re headed.”

We were only a few metres away from our residence,  the good Samaritan started his car and zoomed into the residence,it took us about five minutes to reach our destination. It was an experience I’d never forget!

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Tagore song: Shei bhalo, shei bhalo

It is better you rather not know me

when you go further away

it will  sadden me

Why are you abashed

when you are near me?

my spring has come into

contact with the musical voice

the shadow of the forest

has become sweet

leave the bower of union

decorated and scented

It is better you rather not know me

I have secretly seen your

disheveled hair,  eager eye

I saw you during the storm

the conversation that we

didn’t have ,the message

remains in my heart

I took those unspoken words

and played them on my flute

It is better you rather not know me!…alo-shei-bhalo







Tagore song: Tomar khola hawa

I lift the sail to your open breeze

By dividing the cable into pieces

I agree to drown in your open breeze

My morning was useless

My afternoon is not much better

Do not hold me back or confine me

Near the shore

I am willing to drown

I stay awake all night for the boatman

The waves take me and play with me

I will befriend the storm,

I will not be afraid of its frown

Release me I’m happy when it’s stormy!



Walk Alone song by Tagore Translation by Ranu

If no one answers your call, then  walk alone,

Walk alone,walk alone walk alone.

If no one speaks,O  unfortunate one,no one answers your call,

if all of them go back and  are afraid,

then open your heart and let your feelings known vocally.

If all of them go back, O unfortunate one ,no one turns around ,

then  trample the thorns and move on with your bleeding feet.

If no one answers your call,

If they don’t hold the light in the dark night,

if they close the doors because of the storm,

then walk alone on the impassable path

and light up the light in your heart and walk alone.

If no one answers your call walk alone,walk alone,walk alone.