Daily Prompt : Legend

In response to prompt : Legend

The Gifted Messenger Boy

My grandfather once requested my Dad to help some young boys in his village.  My Dad was an Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Defense in New Delhi.

My grandpa sent a  fifteen years old boy who he thought was very bright. With this in mind he sent him to New Delhi.

In the beginning he helped my mom with simple chores, within a few months my Dad gave him a job in his office as a messenger boy.

The young man stayed in our house, late in the evening my mom found him trying to learn to read my brother’s book, my mom thought it unbelievable.

His hard work paid him dividends, he privately passed the school courses, and was able to pass the matriculation exam.

He took some small jobs to put him through school, then one fine day he showed up with a degree in Bachelor of Science!

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Writing 101,Day 16

Writing 101: Search your stats for a post idea. If you don’t glean anything from your stats page, consider one of these prompts instead.

If you were forced to make your blog private, would that affect your writing?

Overnight you discover you’ve gained 50,000 blog subscribers, what would you write for your next post?

One day you notice a strange stat. Write a short piece of fiction or poem that describes what you see and/or what happens?

I was awakened from my sleep one day,

The computer was telling me to turn it on right away.

Being a lover of sleep I yelled out ‘can you be calm?’

‘No I can not’ said the machine,

‘For it  will do you plenty of harm.’

‘Really’ I said ,’you got to be kidding.’

‘No ma’am I’m not,’ it replied laughing!

I turned on the machine what did I see?

On the state page,

My Dad was busy writing a story for me!

“I know I’m not a poet but I love it , sadly I  do not have the gift of writing poetry.” Ranu!  🙂

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DP Daily Prompt: Last Words

pad2015-s1.png (308×60)

You have the chance to write one last post before you stop blogging forever.Write it.

This is a very interesting prompt as far as I’m concerned. I’m a blogger for a little over two years, there is not a whole lot I can write about my experience, I must admit I appreciate the opportunity of writing, this is something I did not think about. I was not so confident about my writing skills when I started, a few of my friends gave me the courage I needed.

I cannot claim I am a great writer but I do claim blogging has in many ways improved my lack of confidence. I look forward to the prompts every morning, some are confusing, others help me to write something.

I am not afraid to write a fiction whenever I have to,about poems my feeling is cautious, I do not consider myself a poet at all. I love reading poetry.

My favorite poets are Tagore, Wordsworth, Longfellow, Iqbal, Shelley and many others. Every now and then I read their poems, I do  not try to write poems, I am of the opinion I’m not natural in this Art.

I have written and published a few poems and posted it. They are very simple.

I like writing stories and publishing them.This is one aspect of blogging I like the most, I can write anything without fear that my post may  not be published.

My conclusion is I love blogging, I have something to do daily, I am not bored and I look forward to doing the prompts that WordPress provides for us.


DP Daily prompts: Second–Hand stories

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

what’s the best story someone else has recently told you(in person, preferably)? Share it with us, and feel free to embellish– that’s how good stories become great, after all.

This was a story told by a friend of ours who went to Miami, Florida, United States to spend a month in that warm place and to get relief from the cold snowy winter in Newfoundland.

He rented a car to move around and see all the places in there. He wanted to impress us he had gone to Florida, since he was an invited guest in our house we let him tell us about his fabulous vacation.

Unlucky for him he had some minor accidents while driving around in Miami, Florida,which is what we were led to believe. He was stopped by traffic police on more than one occasion.

To impress the traffic cop he said, “people from my community love Florida, they come in groups every year.”

The cop listened to him and remarked,”Well if they drive like you tell them to stay home and not bother coming to Miami, we don’t want to deal with the likes of you, one is enough.”

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/11/02/dp-daily-promp…d-hand-stories/


Fiction: The Story

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Felicia came home from school one afternoon, her mother asked the usual question, “How was school today?”

She shrugged her shoulders and said nothing, in the evening her friend Mabel came for a visit, she went to Felicia’s room ,her mother noticed they were whispering to each other, she stood behind the door to listen, she overheard them talking about a story, a story, is this why Felicia seemed worried, she kept quiet and went to fix supper.

Supper time Felicia’s mood was better, her mom didn’t ask any further question, she waited for her daughter to tell her why she looked unhappy that afternoon.

After supper the family went to their favorite place where they could discuss about their day, Mr. Stewart talked about his work, Mrs. Stewart discussed about her shopping in the super market, Felicia raised her hand and complained about the story they have to write, her mom and dad said at once, write about our trip to grandma’s place.

Felicia was pleased she’d have reams to write about, starting from the day they arrived, the food grandma cooked, the pets grandma had, grandma’s friends and a whole bunch of other things, she went to her study room and started writing, when she was done,she was so proud of herself, she could imagine her teacher saying, “Why Felicia this is a wonderful story, look at the pages there are so many, I’m proud of you?”





DP Daily Prompt:Strike a chord

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Do you play an instrument? Is there a musical instrument whose sound you find particularly pleasing? Tell us a story about your experience or relationship with an instrument of your choice.

I love a few musical instruments, I wanted to learn to play  harmonium, when I was thirteen, my mom thought it was a bad idea, she was afraid I’d neglect my studies. Later on I did learn to play it, I wasn’t able to continue due to lack of time and pressure of studies.

My husband bought a piano for me to satisfy my desire to learn to play it. This time there was a lot of things I was involved with, I could not concentrate on learning to play it. I did continue off and on, now I find I spend more time writing and reading, and  I do not take time to practice the piano.

I love the sound of violin, I have watched this instrument played by various actors  in several movies. There is not much of a story to tell,except I love the way it sounds.


DP Daily Prompt: Finders,Keepers?

While walking on the beach you stumble on a valuable object buried in the sand__ say, a piece of jewelry or an envelope full of cash.What do you do with it? Under what circumstances would you keep it?

A long time ago I found some cash in the washroom in our school, I thought I must give it to my teacher which is what I did.

I did not find any cash anywhere after that, what will I do with it now, same as the last time? I could not carry on with ,”Finders, Keepers’,  story any longer .

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/05/27/dp-daily-prompt-finderskeepers

Writing Prompt: Shoulda,Woulda, Coulda

This prompt will highlight how lazy I am, well this is what I shoulda done yesterday. Combed my hair,called a great friend, went for a walk in the woods and got plenty of exercise, written an awesome story to wow all my blogger friends, watched the Olympics to know how many medals my Canadian friends grabbed, and last but not least paid a visit to our two faithful felines : Babble and Nelson.

I did not do any of these things I listed, mainly because my hair did not need to be combed. My good friend lives in a different city,it is expensive to call long distance.

Walking for exercise in minus seventeen degree Celsius, is not a thing I can do.

Awesome story was something I could not write because my brain refused to co-operate. When that happens you know you would be lucky if you remember your name.

Watching Olympics was a problem, they were not showing my Canadian friends.

Last ones on the list are Babble and Nelson; the two felines, they were already missing their friend owner, were not pleased to see someone else feeding them and cleaning their litter. They have finally adjusted to seeing one stranger, to see two at one time would be downright cruel, don’t ya think.

You might wonder who names a cat ,”Babble” well according to the owner he talks too much he thought Babble would be a perfect name for his feline friend, the name Nelson was an easy one for the second one,  there was news of Nelson Mandela’s death,the owner is a big fan of the prominent man, so he named his little kitten “Nelson”. Good idea I thought now he cannot forget his idol’s name.

So this was why I could not do the “Shoulda,Woulda,Coulda. You know what I mean!

https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/365-days-feb. 13- Shoulda,Woulda,Coulda/

The storm that almost blew me away

Image of Severe Tropical Cyclone Ingrid (22P) ...

Image of Severe Tropical Cyclone Ingrid (22P) on 8 March 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was an afternoon, my classmate and I had just finished classes. We came out of the classroom and saw a lot of students waiting in the verandah. I couldn’t understand why they were not going home or hostel,whichever it was. I managed to get myself out to see what was happening. To my dismay I saw the weather was looking very bad,there were howling winds,trees were uprooted. Everything outside other than the weather had come to a standstill. No one was daring to go out.

I don’t know why I told my classmate, ‘Let’s go.’

‘In this weather she screamed?’

I looked at her as if she had two heads on her shoulders, I said, ‘Yes we have no choice.’

Amidst all the noise the students were making against our decision,we stepped down the stairs,determined to walk to our residence.

We could hear cries of students,’Come back it’s a cyclone, it’s dangerous.’

We moved on thinking we’d make it. We tried to walk but the strong wind made it difficult. The clothes we wore wasn’t fit to take a chance, we were wearing a sari. It’s a kind of dress which is difficult to handle on a perfectly normal day. We were trying to fight nature, but we were learning fast,it was silly to do that.

What could we do,we were already quite a distance from the university. Going back would be just as hard. There we were inching our way to our place of residence. The wind was strong, the blowing dust made visibility difficult. We knew somehow we have to make it.

There were no vehicles moving. we couldn’t rent a rickshaw,there were none around.  Between stopping and walking we came closer to our residence.

I suddenly noticed a white car, the driver stopped and was calling us . We didn’t know who he was and continued to walk. The driver kept honking but we ignored him. He probably  realized we wouldn’t take his offer of getting a ride. There was a female passenger with him, she put her head out and waved. The female face gave us assurance it was okay to take the ride.

We stopped and went over to the parked car. The man was disgusted, he said,’You shouldn’t be out in this weather.’

One would think he was our guardian by the way he was talking. He was a good Samaritan who knew we needed help. He dropped us off at our residence.

We were thankful,had it not been for him I wouldn’t be here writing this story.

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