DP Daily Prompt: Witness Protection

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When you do something scary or stressful– bungee jumping, public speaking, –do you prefer to be surrounded by friends or strangers? Why?

Bungee jumping requires a lot of courage,it’s not for people like me. 

I haven’t been involved in public speaking much, the few times I was forced to do it, I preferred not to have my friends surrounding me. Friends have a peculiar habit of making a mental note of the mistakes I made and refuse to let it go. I am comfortable with  the strangers,   I’m not worried about what they’ll say because their criticism  will not reach my ears. At least this is what I hope.

Once in college I was compelled to take the part of the priest in Shakespeare’s, ‘Twelfth Night’ before I came on the scene I was very nervous, I thought I’d faint. When I finally came on and started speaking all those jitters that I had before seemed to disappear.

A friend of mine once remarked, “you shouldn’t be nervous, you taught for a long time”. Somehow it’s not the same feeling. In that scenario, I knew my students well, I spend hours with them five days a week. I am not uneasy.

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blogger challenge Letter Q


Quietly I stood in the queue

I asked not a question

And enjoyed the view

Quack came a quack and looked

At me, “who gave you permission

To stand in front of me?”


I quipped but sir

I am not here to quarrel

So leave me alone

His queue swelled up

Folks I kid you not

I decided to quit 

While I was ahead!


Strangers can be queer 

I want you to know

Quaver is what they do

When things don’t go their way

Their thinking is quite different

I’d like you to know


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DP daily Prompt: Fill in the blank post by Ranu

Cropped screenshot of John Wayne and Angie Dic...

Cropped screenshot of John Wayne and Angie Dickinson from the trailer for the film Rio Bravo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Three people walk into a bar,it immediately catches the attention of the waiter serving drinks. The rest of the people inside are scared stiff.They are stuck,there is pin drop silence. One bystander took a note of the three strangers,one was very tall wearing spiked boots,the second one was a fellow with bushy beard,looking like a thug. The third one,him I can’t figure out.What must he be doing with these two scary strangers? It becomes apparent soon enough. He is there to collect the loot and make a quick get a way.

The tall one stamps his foot and orders drinks for his buddies. The drinks are served. They look around to see the establishment to guess how they can achieve success. While they sip their drink,the other people in the bar are shivering with fear. How this intrusion will end no one knows. Suddenly there is a loud noise, they all look around. A stout tall man resembling John Wayne walks in. He quickly glances around, realizes what’s happening. He fires a bullet on the ceiling,the three strangers can tell this is no ordinary man,he is John Wayne himself,no one can fire as quick as He can. They decide to change their tactics,started smiling and singing,knowing any crooked move from them will land them in a pool of blood. They paid the bill and slowly left.

John Wayne however had a good laugh,’ this is how you disperse crooks’ he said and left!

So ended the story,it had a happy ending,there was no loss of lives no monetary loss. It was an unbelievable day for the owner!