Daily Prompt : Measure

In response to daily-post’s one-word prompt : Measure

Measure is an important word in our life. When we cook a dish we make sure the ingredients are chosen carefully to make a tasty dish, if we forget one important ingredient our dish loses its taste.

This discussion of taste takes me back a few years. My sister had invited some friends for dinner. One of the dishes was Pilaf, the main ingredient here is Rice. After she finished cooking it, she let our cousin taste it and give his opinion, I can still imagine his face when he asked, ‘You don’t use salt in this dish?’

Of course salt happens to be the one ingredient necessary for this dish and my sister forgot it. She didn’t have enough time to cook this dish again, but did not want to leave it salt free. She figured out a way to put the salt and was successful.

When we measure someone’s intellectual ability we make the person go through a series of tests, like we did when I was teaching in school. The reason was the administrator decided, since not all children though of same age can comprehend the lessons taught, i.e the slow learners, they had to be put into groups: A B C D . Though we did this on a regular basis. Somewhere in my mind I thought this process did not give valid results. Some children are stressed when they hear the word Test, they normally do not do well.

We measure success by the results of people, it may be an athlete, a teacher, a student or even a chef. I’ve seen some challenges on the food network, there are good chefs who come from known restaurants, some are chopped in the first round. The reason once again they are given a certain amount of time to prepare a dish, with the most unthinkable ingredients.

If you fail to measure the right amount of ingredients to bake bread, you will end up with bricks. It is a true story.




Writing Prompt: Competition

What activity,task,or game most brings out your competitive streak?

I usually take each one seriously. If it is a task and I have a few people doing it ,my competitive streak is energized I get a feeling I must excel in it or in other words do better than the rest.

If it is an indoor game for e.g., a board game the level of my competitive streak rises, I try to win, against anyone even if it’s my own daughter.

I know I won’t be able to do well in outdoor games so I relax and play without any stress.

https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/03/24/365-days-march 24-competition/

DP Daily Prompt : Placebo Effect post by Ranu

If possible I want to think of something to calm a person. I’d like to invent by careful thought and observation,what can work for someone who leads a very stressful life.

Our environment has altered immensely.No one has time to think of anyone but themselves. A selfish society like ours  requires a selfless person who is more than happy to spend a few minutes to relieve a fellow human overcome stress.

Stress is the cause of a lot of ailment from heart problem to high blood pressure and so on. In my mind if a person can calm down and not worry about everything we’d have a healthier world.

It is said pets such as cats and dogs can help to cure stress to a large degree. By playing with them and looking after them helps to calm down.