DP Daily Prompts: Audience of One

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Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write her or him a letter.

Dear Sr. Joseph Mary,

I hope you remember me , I am your student Chaman, it’s been a while since I talked to you. I do remember how kind you were.

Since I left college I met Evie and Niaz , both are doing well.

You’d be glad to know I have picked up a new hobby, it’s “Blogging”. I write almost every day and am enjoying it very much.

I’ve translated a lot of Tagore’s song lyrics and his poems. I wish you can find time to read them.

How are you? I am well, it’s cold here in Canada. I only go out when I need to.

My best wishes to you and thank  you so much for all the help you gave me while I was studying in your college.

Yours truly,


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DP Daily Prompt: By Hand

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What’s the best present you’ve ever received that was handmade by the giver,not store- bought?Tell us what made it so special.

I think it was a year-end gift given to me by one of my students’. She made a doll by hand, the top face head neck, she bought, rest of the things she made by hand,  the dress was sewed carefully , on the front there is a sash, where she printed, ‘World’s Best Teacher.’ Those three words made me proud to know there is at least one person who thinks I am the world’s best teacher. Coming from a nine year old girl it is the best compliment I got. I have displayed it in my hutch in the dining room.




365 days Writing Prompt: Moment of Kindness

Describe a moment of kindness, between you and someone else—loved one or complete stranger.

It was a few years ago I met a student,she seemed nice ,she was always homesick.Occasionally I’d invite her for supper. we got to know her, she was pleasant, and always called us whenever she was free. We developed a strong bond of friendship or so I thought.

She went back to Dhaka without completing her degree, her parents convinced her to come back and complete her degree. I volunteered to let her stay with us, I didn’t want her to rent a place, I had enough room for her in my home. Her plan before she left home was to complete her degree in three months and return home. I didn’t mind having her for those few months.

I noticed she was not really studying and when she’d complete her degree was up in the air. She had regular conversation with her mother who thought her kid was busy studying, she showed an interest to move out and rent a place of her own, I had no problem with her decision. My kindness perhaps was too overwhelming for her.

She rented a place and moved out, I haven’t heard from her since. 

I try to show kindness but it never works, somehow it ends up making me sad. I brought my sister,it didn’t work out, my husband’s nephew same thing happened, you’d think I’d learn my lesson but I put the past behind each time and welcome the present with open arms. If  I’d think of the phrase,”Once bitten twice shy”,   Perhaps I’d stop my kindness for good!


The storm that almost blew me away

Image of Severe Tropical Cyclone Ingrid (22P) ...

Image of Severe Tropical Cyclone Ingrid (22P) on 8 March 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was an afternoon, my classmate and I had just finished classes. We came out of the classroom and saw a lot of students waiting in the verandah. I couldn’t understand why they were not going home or hostel,whichever it was. I managed to get myself out to see what was happening. To my dismay I saw the weather was looking very bad,there were howling winds,trees were uprooted. Everything outside other than the weather had come to a standstill. No one was daring to go out.

I don’t know why I told my classmate, ‘Let’s go.’

‘In this weather she screamed?’

I looked at her as if she had two heads on her shoulders, I said, ‘Yes we have no choice.’

Amidst all the noise the students were making against our decision,we stepped down the stairs,determined to walk to our residence.

We could hear cries of students,’Come back it’s a cyclone, it’s dangerous.’

We moved on thinking we’d make it. We tried to walk but the strong wind made it difficult. The clothes we wore wasn’t fit to take a chance, we were wearing a sari. It’s a kind of dress which is difficult to handle on a perfectly normal day. We were trying to fight nature, but we were learning fast,it was silly to do that.

What could we do,we were already quite a distance from the university. Going back would be just as hard. There we were inching our way to our place of residence. The wind was strong, the blowing dust made visibility difficult. We knew somehow we have to make it.

There were no vehicles moving. we couldn’t rent a rickshaw,there were none around.  Between stopping and walking we came closer to our residence.

I suddenly noticed a white car, the driver stopped and was calling us . We didn’t know who he was and continued to walk. The driver kept honking but we ignored him. He probably  realized we wouldn’t take his offer of getting a ride. There was a female passenger with him, she put her head out and waved. The female face gave us assurance it was okay to take the ride.

We stopped and went over to the parked car. The man was disgusted, he said,’You shouldn’t be out in this weather.’

One would think he was our guardian by the way he was talking. He was a good Samaritan who knew we needed help. He dropped us off at our residence.

We were thankful,had it not been for him I wouldn’t be here writing this story.

This is my entry for yeah write #142

DP Daily Prompt: Perspective Ranu’s post https://sabethville.wordpress.com

Roast Turkey

Roast Turkey (Photo credit: SliceOfChic)

What drives me crazy is when someone promises something and goes back on his/her word. I can be very peculiar,I immediately decide I’ll have nothing to do with this person. I don’t think there must be some problem. I make up my mind, I cannot deal with someone who doesn’t value his/her own word. You can say I won’t have many friends I am so rigid. Those who know me are always willing to take my side.

What makes me happy? A lot of things e.g when I get a reply to my email promptly. I am very happy. I was happy when my former student volunteered to shovel my driveway. The fact she remembered me and came to my house was enough to make me happy.I always feel good when I can do something in return. That student of mine brought six friends of hers,to shovel the driveway. I was so happy I bought a turkey,roasted it and took it to her. At that time she lived across the street from me.

DP Daily Prompt: Moment of Kindness Post by Ranu

English: Winter, 1962-63 - Snow clearance, top...

English: Winter, 1962-63 – Snow clearance, top of Ormerod House driveway On this day it took one whole day to clear the snow from the full length of the driveway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a few winters ago.We had knee-deep snow on our driveway.I got ready with my shovel to clear nature’s undue kindness.I came out and saw a girl walking in,’Hi,Mrs. Asgar’ she said,’Can I clear your driveway?’ I was taken aback,she knew I did not recognize her.She reminded me she was my former student. As I was chatting with her,five of her friends joined us,they cleared my driveway like professionals.

Not to be outdone I roasted a turkey with all the fix-ins and dessert for the girls.I knew they were university kids and  would like some home cooked meal.It was a pleasure cooking for these extremely thoughtful kids.

Only one girl knew me.The other girls were strangers. So I thought,’ Surely one good turn deserves another’.

DP Daily Prompt: Success Post by Ranu


London (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I was not a very confident person from my childhood. I lost my father when I was twelve .We moved to my mother’s homeland.I’m calling it my mother’s, I could not quite understand the difference then. I tried to get admission in an English medium school ,I was unable ,they had up to a certain grade,I was past it. My brother hired a private tutor for me, I did not like the arrangement,I said I could do without one. I studied at home,my big sister gave up, to her I wasn’t spending  much time studying. She regularly gave me assignments which I finished in a few minutes. My elder brother and sister assumed,I was not the material for higher studies,therefore they’ll marry me off to some farmer, where I would be a proper fit.I’d be able to tend his cattle and what have you. It hardly scared me,yes my father passed away at a very young age and it put me in the mercy of my siblings. I did not devote time for studies any longer than usual. In my mind I knew God will not be unfair with me.

I finished school exams privately. I finished college and university successfully. My siblings’ desire to marry me off to a farmer  did not materialize. Then came the challenge,I had applied for a scholarship to study B.Ed. I was never serious in my studies,but pulled through successfully. Applying for a scholarship was indeed a bold attempt on my part. I always gave myself a chance.It certainly did not mean I’d get it. The arrival of the man in uniform gave me hope, it meant I have an interview.Delighted I went for the interview,the way they were asking questions gave me confidence they like me. Surprise,surprise dear siblings ,I got the scholarship.

The next step was two years later I applied for another scholarship to study in London, England. I did not tell my brother or the big sister.I knew they’d make fun of me. Amazingly enough I was selected for an interview,this time I was terrified,all these big shots would ask me questions and my confidence level was an all time low. One of the things I did was not to look at any one of them  There were seven of them,I never saw them in my life. I thought perhaps they were thinking I am a crazy fool to apply for this particular scholarship. My motto was how will I know how capable they think I am if I do not make an effort to prove myself. So these were the two occasions when I tasted success and I was delighted. I didn’t think I stood a chance, but it seems I was an all right candidate.

When I look back I am happy that I didn’t exert too much pressure on myself. Everything turned out well for me,the best part is my brother wasn’t able to marry me off to some farmer to look after his cattle and sheep!

My first two years teaching in a Residential school

Graph showing frequency (per century; blue lin...

Graph showing frequency (per century; blue line) and energy (brown bars) for the Richter scale. The graph is doubly logarithmic and both axes are numerically identical. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My friend told me about a school.Her sister-in-law was a teacher who agreed  to make arrangements  for me to see the Principal.He was a tall man.He was one of those people,who claimed to be a Bengali.But couldn’t speak the language.I realized then why my Dad insisted,that we must know our mother tongue. “Learn as many languages as you can,do not forget your mother tongue.” I thought about my Dad, when I was  being interviewed,suddenly I heard Major Rahman,the principal calling me,I straightened myself.I was dreaming I didn’t hear what he was saying. I scolded myself for day-dreaming. The principal’s last words were,”And you cannot get married for at least five to seven years.”

I thought this isn’t a job interview,my friend wanted me to talk to him.He is already telling me how to run my life. At that point I did not have a very good impression of the man.However I felt since I have finished school.I must make myself worthy of doing something. Sadly enough I’ve groomed myself to be a teacher, My choice was very limited,either I make myself ready to teach in a school or take a job in a college where my sister was a Principal. Well,between my sister and Major Rahman, I wasn’t sure, who was a better choice. What can I say about my sibling,she was so bossy,I presumed Major Rahman would be a better alternative.

A few days later,I received an appointment letter from Major Rahman. I was selected.I was required to join almost immediately. I was cautiously optimistic about this job. I took the job.I was provided with a room with attached bathroom,and I would get my meals free. Wow,I mused,”my destiny has finally noticed me.” I was given a class of forty-two grade two boys.Grade two I thought,how difficult can it be!

Next day I went into the classroom at 7:00 am. One boy stood up without any hesitation,looked at me,with a mischievous grin on his face, and declared,  ” you are our sixth teacher.”  Hmm,I thought in my mind, “Did they swallow the previous five?” If so, I have a battle in my hands,without saying anything I started doing what I was hired for i.e  teaching. I recalled my mother who said once,’you know children and monkeys are alike,if you make the mistake of easing off they will climb on your head.’ I seemed to have a challenging job,but no,’these  six years old,nah I will put them in their place.’ At 10:am the bell rang for recess,before I had time to gather my thoughts together,there was a loud uproar and within seconds the room was empty. As if there was an earthquake which measured 8.5 on the Richter scale. The gym teacher who was next door came out,”Oh they are very bad,I have to come out of my office daily to discipline them.” Yeah in my mind I couldn’t help but think,” so you are here to rub salt on my wound.” well the day is not over yet,”I’ll teach these ruffians,who’s the boss.”

The day finally arrived I was waiting for,I checked my watch,there were a few minutes left for the recess bell.I went to the door and locked it.  Nowsher,who proclaimed himself to be a leader,didn’t quite fathom what just took place,he moved himself in his seat.He thought he’d wait to see what his next course of action will be.”I am a leader,I cannot back down,I will not surrender,or my followers will lose their respect for me.” Then the thundering voice nearly made him deaf,”if anyone moves from his desk there’ll be no recess.” Nowsher finally realized she is not like the five we gobbled up in two months.This one seems to be in a different league all by herself. If my memory serves me correctly,I was teaching in the school for ten days. It seemed to me as if I was there for decades.What was behind all this frustration? not my little pupils,not my colleagues,who is making my life miserable. I realized it was Major Rahman,who  day in and day out was scolding the teachers in the presence of the students. This wasn’t something I could tolerate.On the tenth day I wrote my resignation letter, I had to hand it to him personally. When he saw me he was as charming as he could be,as if he was a picture of a gentleman with all the angelic qualities.He read the letter,looked up and asked me,”Is this a resignation letter?’ I answered in the affirmative. “You’ve only been here for ten days,why do you want to quit?” ‘I don’t like it sir,’I replied   “No, it is not a good reason.” He handed  back my letter. I was unhappy,but had to stay,it was a government school,it wouldn’t bode well for my future jobs. In the meantime I received a letter from the Research Institute, I was selected for the M.ED. course.It seemed I got my rejuvenation back,I can finally quit this place. My disappointment was at its height when I heard the verdict,I am only teaching for two months, the school will not release me.It was heart-breaking,I had to digest my pain and anger and calmed myself.I’ll try next year.They cannot stop me from leaving.It was the same story.

I was teaching as usual,it seemed these were different boys. But they were not,they realized they have to listen to me or else life can be difficult. Most of the boys were in the same dormitory as me.I only had my own room.They saw me from five in the morning till eleven at night. We ate in the same dining room, breakfast,lunch and dinner.The boys always kept an eye on me.They wanted to see what I was doing with my food. For breakfast it was bread and tea for me and the children had milk. The waiter thought he was very helpful,he would put a generous heaping of butter and topped  it with several tablespoons of jam. I noticed because the door of the kitchen was open, there were swarms of flies greeting us.I didn’t like the scenario especially when they sat on my bread and got stuck because of the sticky jam. Every morning I sat and removed the butter and the jam,but lost my appetite,so I did not eat.This happened for days.I was sick.I was told to see a doctor,when the physician recommended I have to stay in the hospital,I lost my nerve I told everyone I was all right.I made a quick exit from the hospital to my school. The kids were happy to see me.I started my regular teaching. Sometimes destiny gives us a jolt to remind us that too much relaxation  can be harmful. I was relaxing for maybe ten minutes,it was a week-end the ward boys were supposed to make sure the kids were taking their shower without any problems. It didn’t happen the entire floor was flooded with water and the boys were on their fours sliding,suddenly two of them collided with each other and one boy broke his two front teeth. The maid came running to my room to report this mishap. I was at a loss what am I going to do.In walked Major Rahman,summoned me,where was I when this happened.I told him I was in my room relaxing. At this point,I knew if he tries to be crooked with me.I’ll quit. Amazingly enough he said nothing.I must admit I grew very fond of the boys.They tried their trick once and afterwards they were normal boys. There was one other incident while I was in that school.I was invited to watch the sports in my old college.I got permission to go. I was hardly outside the gate of the school,the same kid who broke his two front teeth broke his arm. The kids told me as soon as I got back. They said I should always be with them,otherwise bad things happen when I’m not there.

Memories of school days - geograph.org.uk - 933744

Memories of school days – geograph.org.uk – 933744 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then came the moment when I received the British Council Scholarship. ‘I will have to move some mountains to leave this place,’ I thought. I suppose in the end God took pity on me and probably said,”Poor child has suffered enough,I will have to show her the green light!” The principal tried one last time,he said “we’ll send you,reject this scholarship.” I said, nothing, I kept remembering the saying,”A bird in hand is better than two in the bush.” I finally left that school.I only missed the innocent boys who tried to gobble me up,like the previous five.Later on ,I was their most favourite teacher!


Happy..Happy.. Mother's Day :-)..

parents (Photo credit: Mystic Lens)
English: Don't waste your time and do your hom...

English: Don’t waste your time and do your homework! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You might be wondering what kind of a name is ‘Ma’,I will say,’What’s in a name,it can be anything?’ I love the name,it is my favourite. My Dad gave me this name.

My family was a large one.We were a happy family. I started school at a very young age.My Dad probably thought,she talks so much.She is ready for school. She can learn many other things. Talking alone will not help. So I started school.Dad was glad I’d be out of his hair for sometime. He forgot he had to go to work the same time I was in school.Yes,I came back before he did.But I had time to be in his hair before bed time. Then I came to a new school.The teachers were not like your average teachers.But that’s beside the point. I was carrying on marvelously. One day I was about to go out for prayer,the bell was rung,we were supposed to assemble for prayer.I was about to run out,my classmate stopped me. She wanted to copy my homework,because she didn’t do hers. I was unable to give it,because I didn’t want to be late for prayer.When we came back to our classrooms,my homework disappeared from my book.I was a seven year old in a new school with this predicament.I was called to  present my homework.I took slow and shaky steps,I calmed myself and related the whole story to my teacher.I was not confident she would believe me. She looked  at me and then at the class mate.Her verdict was Ma is telling the truth. My class mate could not convince her. This was one awful day in my young life.

My teacher who was a  Nun was very kind and helpful. That was one bad incidence in my life.We were growing up,we enjoyed the city we lived in,but as with everything good times don’t last forever.We had a big mishap and our world  took a sudden downward trend. We had to leave our happy abode. Mom told us we have to leave our only home we ever knew to where Mom came from.We left our happy place to our Grandpa’s home. Our grandparents were not alive.Our uncle and aunt lived there.We lived with them for several months. My eldest brother bought a home. We moved in to the house.It was a small town.I was old enough to take my younger siblings to get them admitted in a school.

My younger siblings were doing well in school. My Mom was happy to be near all her relatives.We were getting used to a new environment. I finished school and took admission in a college. I completed two years and made up my mind to  go to a Girl’s College in a city. I studied here for two years and went to the university after completing my under graduate degree.

From all I know Ma finished university,studied in two other universities,successfully completed education and diploma courses.She taught in a school and was happy,she had finished her education. The last I know is she got married and moved away with her husband.


Teacher (Photo credit: tim ellis)

English: Homework

English: Homework (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Langley School. Langley Hall was buil...

English: Langley School. Langley Hall was built in 1737 in the Palladian style http://www.lomaxantiquesfairs.co.uk/langley_spring.htm and was home to the Beauchamp family. It is now the site of Langley School http://www.langleyschool.co.uk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Philosophy: An Introduction to the Art of Wond...

Philosophy: An Introduction to the Art of Wondering (Photo credit: Wikipedia)