365 days Writing Prompt: No,thank you

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

The word I’d definitely ban from general usage is the word , “Retarded”. These are some of the definitions of this word: less developed esp. mentally; slow to develop or occur; stupid, pathetic.

To me the word sounds derogatory, psychologically it affects the person who is called retarded, there can be a lot of reasons for someone to take longer to comprehend a sentence,word, a paragraph, that cannot or should not be the reason  to call the person  retarded.





Writing Prompt: The Bizzaro World

In the DC comics Universe, a planet called “HTRAE(Earth Spelled backwards) is populated with bizarre versions of super heroes. A Seinfeld episode made the idea of this Bizarro World popular, where the characters encountered their opposite selves. Craft a scene in which you meet an opposite version of yourself –or a story in a bizarre , backwards world.


“A Bizarre Backwards World”

My friend invited me to visit an island, which according to her was,  “A Bizarre Backwords World”. I readily accepted her invitation, I thought I was already living in one,  how much more bizarre can this island be.

“You don’t understand here everything is backwards, it is a backwards world.” Her explanation baffled me, so I thought let’s see what I can find out.

My first encounter was with a man driving his car he was driving it backwards. I was horrified and was wondering how many pedestrians he might have killed while driving. Strangely enough Monica told me none. “How could this be possible” I asked, 

“They walk backwards”. she said.

This knowledge made me dizzy. I wanted to go on a boat to see the island.I knew they couldn’t row the boat backwards. Our eyes are in the front,I thought how will I see what’s there if we go backwards.There was a trick my friend explained. Stupid me I was at a loss for words. I gave up the idea of a boat ride and made up my mind to leave as soon as possible.

Monica insisted I should accompany her to a restaurant, she was hungry and she felt I should be too. We went to one nearby,I couldn’t decipher the name. “Read Backwards Monica quipped”.

“Why did you bring me here I said?”

“Watch when I read it she said” ESUOH KAETS SSIWS  this is how you read it, “House Steak Swiss” Read it backward,it’s ,Swiss Steak House.

No Monica I said,Let’s go back and leave this backwards world behind!







DP Daily Prompt: Mad As A Hatter

There are times when we think ‘Silence is Golden’. I feel these words are not always practical in real life situation. I’ll tell you why I’m saying that.

One of my classmates in London , remarked, ‘Sabeth you’ll never have enemies you hardly speak’. ‘Not so, I told him, they think I’m too proud’.

This is one example of silence,the other is people think they can easily tell you off. Silence to them means the person is stupid.

Third example is the one where you do everything you’re asked in return you’re yelled at.

The third example is what I’ll deal with today. My husband asked me to cut his hair one day. He had all the barber’s tools. The only problem was I never trained to be a barber. I told him I did not think I could do it. He assured me it’s simple.

So I took the role of a barber but had no experience.  I took on the job and started cutting his hair. I spent about ten minutes when my husband suddenly yelled at me,what was my fault, according to him I was moving too much. I completely lost it I was so angry I thought I’d  start crying. I cannot recall if I wept,but I certainly let him know what I thought of his behavior.

My husband was shocked to see me so angry. He had a smile on his face. His expression was enough for me to know he could not believe I’d be this angry.

DP Daily Prompt: Do Over Escape post by Ranu

That day everything went wrong,I was coming home from school,I saw A Swan walking with its babies.I had an eerie feeling I


Swans (Photo credit: (www.debabrata.info) debabrata)

was going to have trouble with her.I kept my glance on her and was inching closer.You might say ‘ stupid ,you made her suspicious’. Soon she extended her neck and was coming right at me,I let out a scream and ran as fast as I could,I kept running and screaming,I reached home and didn’t stop screaming. My mother came to the door and yelled out,’What in heavens name is wrong with you’. I crashed on the floor,all I could say was,’Ma, the Swaaaaaaaaaaan’.