Daily Prompt : Succumb

In response to Daily Prompt : Succumb

Each day I try not to succumb to life’s pressure,

Giving in to it helps to move on and feel fresher.

Some people find it difficult  to surrender,

They’re strong and their heart is not  tender!

……………………………… 🙂




DP Daily Prompt: Let’s Go Crazy

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I haven’t done any of the things listed, sometimes I can be very impulsive beyond reason. A short while ago I suddenly felt no one likes me, so I complained, it was the first step,  this attitude  I took  made some people unhappy,which I didn’t think about, now I have to undo everything by apologizing  that  I’ve made a mistake.

I still am in the process of smoothening my mistake. I think I have to give a  break to my impulsive nature.

I think  I’d like to let the dust settle, before I succumb to any kind of temptation.