Daily Prompt : Sunny

In response to one word prompt : Sunny

Our little island is incredibly funny,

It hides the sun when we want it sunny.

It plays hide and seek,

which makes us weak,

We can’t complain we’re afraid to lose days that are sunny!

……………………………………. ūüôā


DP Daily Prompts: Return Address

pad2014-s.png (308√ó60)

Yesterday, your pet, inanimate object could read your post. Today, they can write back( thanks for the suggestion,

lifelessons!). Write a post from their point of view ( or pick just any non-verbal creature/ object).

Dear Ranu,

Thank you for your letter. Raphael and I were very good boys yesterday. Rapha is the one who tried to open your closet, I did discourage him but he said, ‘No.’

Rapha did not pull your clothes down on the floor, you still did not give us treats for good behavior.

We tried to sleep all morning, your neighbor was making too much noise and the sun was bright and shiny we had to find out what was happening. this is why we could not sleep.

Rapha was restless, he’s the one who jumped on the piano, he does not listen, I don’t know if he scratched your piano, I am sorry.

Thank you for raising the blinds for us, it was nice and sunny, we didn’t enjoy that much because nothing exciting was happening, and there were no birds we could catch and gobble up, oh yes we are inside how can we catch them.

You always promise to give us treats, but you never do. Humans never tell the truth.

Rapha knows you don’t want him to chew paper, he did it as a protest because you failed to keep your promise.

Rapha wasn’t in a mood to reply, so I did it on behalf of us both.

I hope you still love us.

Your darling felines,

Rapha and Gabriel.



DP Daily Prompts: In Transit

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Train stations,airport terminals,subway stops:soulless spaces full of distracted, stressed zombies,magical sets for fleeting interlocking human stories.

I had quite a memorable day today,I woke up at 3.30 in the morning, took a shower,it was cold wet day,the fact I have to travel today wasn’t so exciting. I had my breakfast, called a cab my daughter and I took our baggage, boarded the cab on our way to the airport,you’d think there won’t be too many passengers this early in the morning you’re wrong we had a lot of them,we were taking advantage of the low fare.

There we were standing in line to get into the lounge, not so fast they said we must see what you’re taking with you. We checked in without any problem. There was one stop before Montreal.

We landed at Halifax airport, we had to leave the aircraft and go to the lounge,I thought we’d have to board another aircraft, but that was not the case, while I was panicking ¬†they wouldn’t be able to transfer our luggage on to the next aircraft in fifteen minutes, my daughter said very calmly, “no Mom we’ll go in the same plane, they do this all the time i.e., get the passengers out of the aircraft, and in fifteen minutes tell them to board the same aircraft.”

It didn’t make sense to me, the only difference was we sat in different seats in the same aircraft.I have traveled before, we always had to take another plane, ¬† what’s the use of complaining this is the normal procedure so I must ,”Grin and bear it.”

Did I have time to look around to see how other passengers were coping, I didn’t, I only saw a passenger traveling with her husband and newborn twins,those adorable twins hadn’t a care in the world,they were busy drinking milk from the bottle.

Finally from Halifax we took off on our way to Montreal, In an hour and twenty minutes we landed, then there was a rush to get to the baggage section to retrieve our suitcases.  We hired a cab and came to the house we rented.

It was sunny when we landed now it is cloudy and I see drops of rain falling.I told myself thank God it’s not snowing!



Yeah Write # 146 “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned”

A penny saved is a penny earned sounds like a good thing to do. But sometime it can be costly if it interferes with our health.

My classmate and I decided to visit a college friend of ours. Our intention was to hire a rickshaw to get there. It was a hot afternoon, the sun was  bright  and hot. There was no breeze. Our budget was about one hundred pennies anymore, would be too much for us.

We walked a few yards to get a rickshaw. It was ¬†getting hard to find one. We almost walked half the distance. We saw one and stopped him. We asked how much the fare was to get to our destination. The man looked at us,he knew it was ¬†very hot that day,he thought he could ask any amount and we’d accept,when he quoted his price we didn’t accept. We told him how much we’d like to pay ,he wouldn’t budge and went away. We had no choice we continued walking . We stopped a second one, he asked even more when we already walked three-fourth of the distance.

We declined and decided to keep walking. ¬†We were almost close to her house, I said to my classmate, “We are ¬†near her house, she must not know we walked all this distance.”

“Let’s hire a rickshaw now, it would be cheaper.” she said.

There were a lot of them parked where we were. They were looking for passengers.I asked what the fare would be, he asked for twenty-cents. We were delighted and happily rode the rickshaw and reached our friend’s ¬†house. I knew we couldn’t tell her we walked most of the way, not only she wouldn’t let us forget this incidence, she’d tell all our friends how cheap we were.

Did we really save pennies we thought we would?  I doubt we did.  We had severe backache and sunburn. The lesson we learned was we must never try to save money at the cost of our health.