Limerick Prompt: Surprise


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Limerick : Surprise

Our limerick this week was Surprise,

I missed the deadline Guys,

for I was busy baking

and my oven was Shaking

to quickly  present the Cookies and Pies!

……………………… ūüôā



DP Daily Prompts: Reader’s Block

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What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without reading a book(since learning how to read, of course)? which book was it that helped the dry spell?

The longest I’ve gone without reading a book was about a week. I looked around one day to read one.I noticed a book my daughter gave me, I picked it up but the title did not make me curious.

I started reading to my surprise I got more and more interested, and ended up reading it twice. it is a memoir of Saroo from India. He did a very good job, he came from a very poor family,was lost and ended up in an orphanage at age five.

He was adopted by an Australian couple.They took him to Australia raised him. After twenty-five years he was reunited with his original family in India.

It is an unbelievable story of a little boy who kept reminding himself of his mother and siblings.


Fiction: Secure

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Susan took her two and a half year old baby to preschool, the teacher assured her she’d be fine, there was no reason to worry.

She let go of her baby from her arms to Mrs.Locke’s, wondering if she was doing the right thing, the sudden cry of the baby, unnerved her, she turned around and walked towards the door, praying everything will work out.

Before leaving the yard she went to the door to see, there was her baby quietly sitting on the chair, coloring.

While at home she counted the hours, when ¬†she’d walk back to bring her little one home.

To her surprise her baby was playing with her newly made friends, she felt a tear rolling ¬†down her cheek, her baby wasn’t waiting to pick her up, she was secure with Mrs. Locke!


Flash Fiction: Wishes

Lillie McFerrin Writes

The Innocent Girl

Mariam a ten year old sat at the doorstep of her little hut, she was waiting for her parents return from work, it was getting dark, she saw no sign of her parents, fear clouded her mind, she could not understand what she should do. 

In a fit of anxiety she went next door for help, she’d never seen or known them, but hoped they’d help, she gently knocked the door, to her surprise out came a man, he was scarier than her dark surrounding, everything about him waved a flag of caution to little Mariam, she disregarded her thoughts and asked for help, the man opened the door and let her in, he promptly closed the door, grabbed some rope from the back of his house and tied her.

“You are my prisoner, you must obey me, you have to cook,clean and look after my house, if you disobey, I’ll show you how evil I am.”

Mariam cried herself to sleep, she dreamed a ¬†very pretty woman was watching her, she trembled and tried to get up, she couldn’t her body froze, “do not be afraid said the woman, I’m here to free you, you must do as I tell you, I will grant you three wishes, choose the ones you like most: 1. I can bring back your parents, 2. I can make the man disappear, 3. I will make you rich.”

Ten year old Mariam wanted her parents back and the evil man to disappear, she didn’t have any idea how being rich could help her, she told the woman what she wanted, with a wave of her wand, the parents were back and the evil man was gone, Mariam was happy and told her parents never to leave her again!

DP Daily Prompt: Take That Rosetta!

If I woke up tomorrow and be fluent in any language it would be Spanish. I did a course in Spanish, I wasn’t able to practice it because I didn’t know anyone who could help. I have lost most of it, but am sure if I get a chance I might be able to regain what I lost.

The first thing I’d do is visit Spain ,there will be lots to see,I won’t have to depend on anyone, there’ll be no language barrier. I can apply my linguistic skills with a friend of ours,he is a Peruvian. I want to surprise him.

I’d be able to travel in Spanish speaking countries. Although it is only make-believe I’m already excited with what I can do with it. This was my kind of prompt, thank you.

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tagore song tumi je shurer agun you have touched the fire of music by Tagore translated and post by ranu

You have touched the fire of music

in my heart.

This fire is spread everywhere.

It is dancing between those

dead tree branches.

Who is it pointing  to in the sky.

In the dark  the stars are watching

with surprise.

From where is the crazy

wind blowing?

At midnight a flower


O it is a gold waterlily.

Who knows how much

power the fire has!

DP Daily Prompt: History Of language ( The third time’s a charm)post by Ranu

There was a poor farmer.He lived alone in a hut made of mud.He was alone,he had to cook for himself. He did not earn enough to hire a maid. He went to the market daily to buy fish.It was cheaper than meat or chicken.It also took minimum time to cook.He had one bad habit .He left his house everyday to play the game of  cards.He made sure the food was cooked before he went to see his buddies.

One day as usual he cooked his meal and went to play with his friends.When he returned he had an eerie feeling something was not right.He immediately checked his food.Sure enough it was gone ,he had no fish that evening.He had to be contented with boiled rice. Next day he went as usual to play,when he came back ,same thing happened, the fish was missing. He was furious and decided to stay back to find ¬†the thief. To his surprise ,he saw a tabby coming in ever so slowly.He was silent, as soon as the cat went for the fish, he caught it. He said out loud,”So you are the thief,who was eating my fish,I will kill you this second”. The way the cat looked at him ¬†softened his heart, he gave up the idea of killing it and let it go. Then he said,”I know why they say third time’s the lucky charm.” I found the thief,when it came the third day and caught it.