Tagore song: Let the vessel of sweet memories, posted and translated by Ranu

Let the farewell  vessel of sweet memories remain filled

In tearful sadness and quiet  depths of silence

May your heart secretly find a new message

You will have to go alone on the path you choose to take

There will be darkness in your eyes

But there will be a ray of light

In your heart

Throughout the day your mind

Will be revived with sweet memories

While in the garden of your heart

The lute will play the music of separation!



DP Daily Prompts: Opening lines

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What’s the first line of the last song you listened to(on the radio, on your music player, or anywhere else)? Use it as the first sentence of your post.

The first line of the last song I listened on YouTube is Tagore’s song, “Bhora thak sriti sudhai bidayer patro khani.” it means:

“Let the farewell vessel remain filled with sweet memories.” It is a beautiful song, what sweet memories will I let the farewell vessel hold on to is what I am thinking?

It goes back to my childhood and the day my Dad was taking his last breath. I was twelve years old and never understood what , “Death,” meant. I saw my mother and my sister crying, and I too started crying.

Someone once said to me,”why are you crying, he has gone to a better place?”

I began to think what is that better place, can someone explain to me, I got no answer.

I thought of the song lyrics and felt, let me think of all the time I spent with my Dad, asking questions, they were to him perhaps meaningless but he, charming as he was would say something to make me feel happy.

I have a lot of sweet memories of my father which I want to keep in my memory bank.

The day I saw some neighborhood kids playing with a tennis ball, I couldn’t wait to have my father home, so I could ask him to get me a tennis ball, I remember that day he came home tired, I stopped him and asked him if he could buy me a ball like the one the kids were playing with. My Dad turned around went out and the next thing I saw was four tennis balls for us.

My next request was can I have a swing? He got his chaprasi(an office messenger) to put one up on the branch of a tree in our front yard, I had hours of enjoyment on the swing.

These are some of the sweet memories of my father, I cherish!

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