Ghazal, Singer Mehdi Hasan Translator -Ranu


Despite the fact that,

your respect for me

has fallen,

you will never forget me.

I don’t know why I’m sure,

you will not erase my love for you.

wherever you go I will

always be in your thoughts.

Sometimes in a song,

sometimes in tears.

You’ll find me anxious

everywhere you look.

The light that my faith has

created, cannot be turned off

even if you try,

you won’t be successful.

If my name comes up in any,


it will make you sad,

if someone asks you the reason

of your tears,

Even if you want to,

You won’t be able to tell the cause!

………………………………….. ūüôā

DP Daily Prompt:

pad2015-s1.png (308√ó60)

The clock struck one, she awakened in a dark room, “where is everyone she thought?”

She was very sick all day, she fell asleep in her room, since it was broad daylight there was no need to turn on the lights.

No one called her for supper may be she complained of stomach sickness, her husband didn’t think she should eat. The quiet dark night scared her, she wondered if they left some food for her. She was faint with hunger, she wanted to go to the kitchen to get something to eat.It was pitch dark occasionally she heard the sound of a fox, which unnerved her senses, “is this creature in my house she¬†was¬†too terrified to think?”

She cautiously left her bed took slow measured steps, to avoid waking up the rest of her family. Something was not feeling normal, what might it be, she walked two steps stopped, listened, ‘thank God she said there is no one.’

Fear can always make one think of unusual things, like someone appearing before you unannounced, this was the feeling Shelley had as she walked into the kitchen. She was glad the fridge was not too far from her, she quickened her pace and reached the refrigerator, when she opened it there was a loud thud, some creature came out of it and started singing and dancing, with a pounding heart she immediately closed the door, she could not remember why she was there.

Lack of food made her weak the appearance of the creature was no help for her psyche, she went back to bed and kept praying so sleep would help her regain her composure.

Shelley wasn’t aware how long she slept, she felt someone shaking her and saying, “Wake ¬†up you sleepy head it’s time for breakfast.”

The word “Breakfast” brought uncontrollable tears in her eyes, oh how she hoped she could eat something, anything, with a growling stomach Shelley went into the dining room, the table was set with all kinds of delicious food prepared by her husband Sam. Before she started to eat she asked, “did you hear that terrible thud last night?”

“What thud they all said at once!”






Fiction: Spoiled

Lillie McFerrin Writes

She came in checked her refrigerator, everything she bought was smelling so bad she could not bear to keep the door of the refrigerator open  any longer.

She was hungry, there was nothing in her kitchen she could cook, how did this happen she could not  understand, she remembers  putting all her groceries neatly in the refrigerator, she had barely placed the grocery when she heard  a loud noise.

She hurriedly went where the noise came from, when she reached the courtyard she found her husband lying on his stomach with a pool of blood, what happened who did this was the question she asked herself, when she opened her eyes she found herself in a hospital bed with a group of physicians staring at her.

She sat up but they gently laid her on the bed and indicated she needed rest.

How many days ago she was in that state she did not know, all she knows she is at home all the food she bought was spoiled, tears came down her cheeks as she was hungry, and there was nothing for her to eat, tired and exhausted she fell asleep, she dreamed all kinds of delicious foods ¬†was in front of her, when she tried to pick something to eat, she felt a strong arm holding her hand and said, “Wait my darling there are people waiting to join you, look around, they are all here!”


365 Writing Prompts: I can’t drive 55

Take the third line of the last song you heard, and make it your post title, and write for fifteen minutes, Go!

Does love mean pain and tears?

I wanted to know from my good friend about love, this is all he talks about.My question was what is love, you do not seem to be happy, yet you tell me you are in love. If it means you are going to be miserable all your life, it is not worth it, think about all the creatures on earth who are not humans, to them to love is to enjoy.

The flower in the garden blooms and looks beautiful, it keeps smiling and eventually withers and scatters when the wind blows.

The moonlight brightens up the sky and the earth, when the time comes for it to leave it happily disappears.

You see the reflection of the stars in the ocean, they  too are spreading their love but are not in pain because they have to leave.

The poet loves everything he sees, he sings with joy,he loves nature, he is never sad to see the moon disappear or the flower to wither, these are facts of life.

My friend heard all this quietly and said there is a difference, the flower,the moon,the stars, and nature, what they lack is feeling, they do not feel hurt when they wither and die.

My case is not the same as them, I feel for the person I love.If she is sad I’m sad too. We have a lot of obstacles in our path, we have parents, relatives and friends who stand in the way of our love.

We have to get their blessing which is not easy to get. We are not free like nature, Rousseau summed it up beautifully, “Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains.”…-cant-drive-55


Tagore Song: ‘keno chokher’ Ranu’s post and translation

English: Photo of Rabindranath Tagore, taken i...

English: Photo of Rabindranath Tagore, taken in 1905 or 1906 by the poet and artist Sukumar Ray, father of Satyajit Ray (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why did I not moisten

the dry dust of the desert with my tears?

Who knew you will come my dear

like one uninvited.

You have traveled across a desert

where there are no trees

to provide shadow.

I am so unlucky

you suffered the pain of traveling,

While I was idly spending

time in the shade

of my house.

I was unaware how

much pain you went

through by walking.

It left a scar in my heart.

Why did I not moisten

the dry dust of the desert with my tears.

NaBloPoMo Nov. 13 “Aye mere dil kahin aur chal (Hindi song)Translation and post by Ranu

O my heart let’s go somewhere else,

I am tired of this world of sorrow

Find   me a new home.

O my heart let’s go somewhere else,

I am tired of this world of sorrow

Find me a new home.

Let’s go where ¬†no one’s unhappy,

No stars of false hope is visible.

What’s the use of springtime,

when my heart is broken,

And it reopens my wound.

O my heart let’s go somewhere else

I am tired of this world of sorrow,

Find me a new home.

Tears are shed by some,

Others turn around and leave.

The world of some came crashing down,

The earth stood still and stared,

And the hardhearted sky kept quiet!

O my heart let’s go somewhere else

I am tired of this world of sorrow,

Find me a new home!

DP Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears Post by Ranu

It happened in my second year of teaching.I was teaching in an all boys school.It was a ‘Residential Model School.’There were boys ranging in age from five years to twelve. One of the five year old was asked by my colleague,’Who was his favorite teacher’? He immediately, said “Chaman Apa”. ( Apa means big sister in Urdu) It sounded so beautiful,to me a five year old only thinks of his mother.This really moved me to tears.

I knew then, my decision to teach little kids was the right one.

Nazrul Song , singer Firoza post and translation by Ranu

Your tear- filled eyes,

your sari teeming with flowers.

Should I take  flowers or the tears?

I am distracted with anxiety.

Your tear-filled eyes,

your sari teeming with flowers.

If I take  flowers from your hand,

water will disappear from your eyelids.

If I take  tears, love will not blossom.

Your tear-filled eyes,

your sari  teeming with flowers.

When you string the garland,

I long to have it.

When I see your tears for me,

I like it even more.

To avoid losing you ,

I keep myself far away from you.

I leave after helping the bud blossom,

I the restless nightingale.

Your tear-filled eyes,

your sari teeming with flowers.

Should I take flowers or tears?

I am distracted with anxiety.

Your tear-filled eyes,

your sari teeming with flowers!

(Patthika) Reader by Tagore Translation by ranu

English: Rabindranath Tagore ,Tamilndu,India

English: Rabindranath Tagore ,Tamilndu,India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Patthika)  Rabindranath Tagore

The wind blows at troubled speed,

the sky is overcast,

the peacock calls.

I did not work,  did not change,

the day is over, my hair untied___

I read your words.

O my poet tho,

I have never known you,

still your message embeds

a hidden image in my mind.

Your words render cloud and shadow

in a melancholic tune,

that brings tears to my eyes.

My heart yearns to understand you.

When and where you wake,

whose absence distresses you__

who is your beloved!

You are Indra, your wife is Indrani

You have painted a picture of her

with your affection.

O my dear poet ,

although the rhythm beats in my heart

I am lifeless,  a statue

I know not why I feel this way.

The woman is forever beloved

your songs praise her__

without reason your heart is elated.

Even if I had not heard her name,

nor seen her once

there is no loss in that!

If one knows not your sweetheart

one knows her by your song.

O my dear poet,

the spring is far-off

yet the blood dances in my veins.

The one you know appears

in this strange place,

as I stand among these strangers.

Your garland came around my neck.

the flowers wet with rain…

On some rainy evening your beloved’s

braid wrapped round you

the scent like a dream.

And in my heart, past lives converge.

O my poet,

know you not the soft melody

in my arbour of creepers–

You sang a song of sadness

of things that¬†occurred long ago…

Your brooding melody

flowing into a marvel of its own.