DP Daily Prompts: Ready,Set,Done

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Our weekly free-write is back: take ten minutes– no pause–to write about anything–unfiltered and unedited.You can publish the post as-is or edit a bit first–your call.

It is 4.52 p.m. in my neck of the woods. I went out to run an errand. I had to wait for twenty minutes to the  place I intended to go.the bus took its time to show up I was freezing, it seems winter cannot  wait to show its face. Well the bus came i boarded it got off several stops later. Got my stuff, came to the stop to catch the bus to come home. Another twenty minutes it took for the bus to arrive.

I was on my way home, unfortunately I rang the bell one stop earlier, stayed in my seat and pull the string again for the stop, apologized to the bus driver for my mistake, came home and fed the kittens, they were glad to see me I think.

Now I am writing this, the time allowed is ten minutes only, oh I have two minutes left,the kittens are sleeping I am writing, still writing, I am nervous I do no know how many mistakes I made still writing, writing , done!



365 days of writing prompts day 24: Ready,set,go

I woke up this morning,finished my prayer. I wondered what I should do next.I decided to do thirty minutes of biking on my stationary bike. I was pleased I was able to make myself do this morning exercise.

I then prepared breakfast and ate it . It was okay,I couldn’t decide what I wanted different .I couldn’t think of anything so had the usual oatmeal. It’s pretty good.

I came to my room and started my computer. The daily prompt for today made me think .How will I write a blurb when I did not attempt to write a novel. I did not give up. I wrote and published a line.

It doesn’t sound awesome, it was my first attempt. I hope I’m forgiven by my readers.

Now I’m writing for ten minutes for 365 days prompt. I can tell you this much it’s not an easy task for me. Yesterday I had to write shipwrecked. Maybe tomorrow it will be something easier.Let’s hope.

I am almost finished the ten minutes. I don’t know what I wrote in a hurry. Forgive my mistakes please will you?

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