Writing Prompt: Seven Days

When we make  plans for doing something such as go on a trip to Europe, there are a lot of things we have to think about. These are some of the important things we need to take care of: informing our neighbor and leaving the keys of the house to her, watering indoor plants, picking up my mail, calling the kennel to leave the pets for a week.

For the trip we’d buy our tickets, ┬ápack our clothes, and book the hotel.

Another thing is we’d make a list of all the places we’d like to visit. A lot of planning is necessary so that we do not miss anything. When everything is ready and our mind is ready to travel,it’s very disappointing to know the next morning all our plans have been cancelled.

The ten thousand dollars in compensation, this is why I think the money is left on my dresser,what other reason could there be for ┬ácancellation of my plans, but it is not enough to satisfy me. I’d be thinking about all the places I couldn’t see, people I was unable to meet, foods I didn’t get to eat, the photos I was planning to take. These are some of the things I’d miss.

I know I’ll complain the whole week for the cancellation and then move on,because I’ll have to.

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