Daily Prompt : Territory

In response to daily post’s prompt : Territory

Territory can be defined as a place or neighborhood, province, yard in my house etc.. I have an interesting story about territory. When we were very young we sat in a particular place, a particular chair in our house. Whenever we found our other sibling occupying our particular chair, we’d go berserk and yell, ‘this is my chair, you cannot sit here, go somewhere else.’

This was an ongoing argument between us, my mom would be in the kitchen and ignoring us, she had plenty to do she stayed quiet and continued cooking.

One morning Mom heard the voices getting louder, she realized instead of ‘nipping the evil in the bud,’ she let it go and now the situation was almost out of control. Mom always kept her voice low or stared at us, if you had seen her eyes, you’d be scared too. This specific day she somehow lost her calm disposition. She came out of the kitchen and asked what the problem was. I told her they were fighting because one told the other it was his chair, and the occupier should find another place to sit.  First thing mom did was give that scary look and then, the explosion, ‘How do you know it’s your chair, is your name written on it?’

The two brothers looked at each other and stopped fighting. VOW! I thought mom is brilliant, perhaps she’s wasting her talent she should get a job as a diplomat.


……………………………………………. 🙂