365 days: Come once more dear friend(third line of the last song)

Come Once More Dear Friend

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Let us talk about the past,

the good old days,

when we laughed and sang


when our history prof. asked,

who copied whom?

I looked at you in awe,

You copied my tutorial word for word,

although you said you’ll only check,

how I wrote mine and you promised,

you won’t copy.

I forgave you because,

friends don’t tattle about each other.

Remember the time your sister,

sent cooked beef for us,

the matron asked what it is,

we just laughed.

we didn’t want to tell,

it was beef,

for in her religion they,

do not eat beef.

All those days, months and years,

Passed like a hurricane,

now I live so far away,

I wonder shall we ever,

see each other again?


The title is the lyrics from the third line of one of Tagore’s song.