Daily Prompt: This Is Your Life

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If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it cover to cover.

If someone other than me writes a story of my life, I will definitely  read it .I know better than anyone what has happened in my life, except when I was an infant, the stories about me when I was an infant would fascinate me, I would be interested to know, whether I was a cranky one or was calm and quiet.

My sister told me, when I was an infant I frequently fainted. There was one incident she talked about often, it was when my aunt had me in her lap, I fainted. My aunt was terrified she told my mother she didn’t do anything and could not explain why I fainted. My sister assured her it was not my aunt’s  fault, I always fainted without any reason.

I know my story after I was capable of understanding. So it will not be easy to make up any stories about me.

Since I’m curious to know my future, I will read the book from cover to cover to know what will happen in my life.

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365 days Jan.11 2014 This is Your Life

If there is a book published entitled, “This is your Life”, I’ll be curious to read a book about me. The most important thing is,I didn’t write it. I’d have to find out who the author is. How does this person know me. Is he an astrologer, who in my family gave my name? A person can only tell my past,present and future,if someone who knows me,  gave my name, year of birth, name of my parents.These are some basic things one must know to write about me. Also if the person has seen me or talked to me.

I will read the book to find out if the facts about my past and present are true. I will choose to read it then. But there is one problem,if this person knows someone in my family, has the information from that person,it is possible. If I’m unaware of this. I will read the book  from cover to cover to satisfy my curiosity. Whether I will believe the future predictions depends on what is written.

This is how I feel about this marvelous book .