DP Daily Prompt: Pat On The Back Post by Ranu

We used to have ,The Kiwanis Music Festival’, every year. This was the year I decided to enter my kids in the poetry contest. I knew they were not going to win.I felt it was a good exposure for them. With this in mind I started training them.I realized one of them was capable enough to win. I picked a poem of one African American poet. It was a funny poem. I thought about it after I heard my daughter reciting it. I remarked ,’Are you purposely distorting the words?’ She answered  ‘No mom  this is the way it is written.’I read it through and realized the poet has a sense of humor.

I entered the poem in the contest. I started training my daughter. She did exactly the way I wanted her to recite. My husband was skeptical,he didn’t think I should use the poem.I was determined. Unfortunately I could not attend,I had teaching duty and didn’t get permission to take time off.

The day of the competition, my daughter was ready. What worked for her, she was not nervous.The adjudicator was from the states and knew the poet’s work. Despite the serious  atmosphere,the adjudicator and the audience burst into laughter. The result, my daughter received first place and was selected as the star of the show. I was delighted,and proud of her.Time I spent to train her was time well spent.She deserved ,Pat on the back and a huge hug from me and her Dad. In case you are wondering ,’The title of the poem was,Da Greata Stronga Man’ I do not remember all of the poem I googled to get the words, but they only gave the words of ,’The litla Man’ written by Thomas Daly also. If any of the bloggers have the poem,I would love to have it.